To the Annual Meeting With the Mistress, Exciting Cultural Studies Lessons, Pupils' Party, Trial Free Trip, Lots Of Snow and Snowboard

Dear Reader,

Outside the school windows the sun is shining, there is a fine layer of snow all over Ranum and the temperature is -3. In the past week we have had a snowstorm, been to the efterskole handball championships, been to the annual meeting of the Efterskoleforening, had wildly exciting lessons and just ordinary efterskole life. We are getting ready to go out into the world next week, when we leave on this year's 18 Cultural Subject Travels around the world.

Read much more about our week in this week's newsletter.

We are warming up for the Cultural Travels

To warm up for their Cultural Studies trip, the South African pupils visited Aalborg Zoo last week.

They have learnt about the savannah and its animals, poaching prevention and evolution, among other things. Now they are even more ready to go on safari 🦁🦒🐘🦏

To prepare for their trip to Canada, Canada Wildlife took a trip to Rold Skov. Fantastic nature, a lot of kilometres in the legs and good fellowship - an absolutely fantastic day!

Student party

On Friday last week, the pupils headed to Haverslev Hallen again for the third pupil party of the year. The student parties contribute greatly to the community among the students, and are organised by the Voluntary Parents' Council. Below you can see some pictures from when the students got ready at the school before departure.

At the parties there is always a theme that the pupils dress up according to. This time there was a theme in each house, so Kærhuset came dressed as gangsters, Ranumhus had a holiday theme and Seminariehuset had a sports theme. Can you spot who is who?

Snowboard and snow!

This is what it looked like when a snowstorm hit Ranum Efterskole this week.

Lots of classes were moved outside in the good weather once the storm had subsided.

The Outdoor Skills team also took advantage of the fresh snow. They got out the school's snowboards and sledges and had a few good hours on our snowboard slope.

And here's what it can look like when the action really picks up!

Trial-free travelling

The school's probationary 10th grade (project class) went on a trip on Friday last week. They visited Friis Shopping Centre in Aalborg, where the pupils exchanged ideas with the company. Friis writes about the visit:

"We got to hear their creative ideas and suggestions on how our centre could be even more welcoming to all our wonderful guests 🥰

A very interesting visit that helps the students in their case work.

To the annual meeting with the mistress

This weekend, the Efterskoleforeningen Annual Meeting was held in Nyborg. The keynote speaker was our new Minister of Education Mattias Tesfaye. His main messages were, among other things, that practical skills / crafts must be strengthened in schools, and that we must also aim for students of other ethnic backgrounds, including from Copenhagen's Northwest neighbourhood. Ranum is well on the way in the desired direction, but we were a little alarmed that the minister declared that he "was married to the primary school and that efterskolen was his mistress". We'll leave it there ... and then we'll dress up 😉 .

Mattias Tesfaye with the little blue one

That was this week's newsletter here from Ranum Efterskole College. Have a great weekend to everyone out there!

Snow greetings from all of us here,

Ranum Efterskole College