Imagination day, term tests, visit from Spain, lecture by former student and commemorative jersey

Dear Reader,

The 3rd time is the charm" - and how much happiness, joy and profit there was when we held Imagination Day here at the school for the 3rd time. The school was therefore full of life on Saturday, as students' families were invited to visit and experience, sense and explore the creations from this year's Imagination classes. Read more about this day, term tests, lectures, a visit from Spain and commemorative shirts in this week's newsletter.

Final exams

This week saw the end of term exams and both 9th and 10th grade students have completed this year's exams. The Danish 9th and 10th graders were thrown into written tests in Danish, English and mathematics. The international students were up in all their IGCSE subjects.

Visit from Bilbao, Spain

10 Danish students from the 10+ elective Spanish have a nice visit from Bilbao in Spain these days. The visit is from 10 Spanish students from the school CF Somorrostro, with whom we have a medium exchange programme. The Spanish students will spend one week at the school, where they will not only stay in a room with their hosts, but also visit their families on the long weekend. The Danish students will visit their Spanish guests in May.

Our guests from Bilbao

Imagination Day

Saturday marked the start of this year's Imagination Day. The programme for the day was divided into cultural subjects, and included:

  • Film premiere in the cinema from Filmmaking Imaginationfaget
  • Stalls selling jewellery, knitwear and goodies
  • Music and dance show in the Festival Hall
  • Cultural meetings
  • Delicious lunch and samples of our world cuisine from Gastronomy Imaginationfaget

On the day, the students' families, siblings and grandparents were invited to visit, and it was a great reunion for both the school and the students. Thank you for a truly fantastic day for teachers, students and families alike!

Memory Jerseys

The souvenir shirt starts out as the classic Ranum Efterskole College logo, with all the students writing their names in it, and thus we end up with a unique result that the students themselves have written in. It's a fun project and the students are looking forward to putting their stamp on the jersey. 

It feels completely unreal that we are now doing this year's commemorative jersey. The commemorative jersey symbolises the community that the students have created entirely by themselves, while at the same time showcasing the name of each student in the community. At the same time, the commemorative jersey is a sign that the year is coming to an end. The jerseys are already being made as it is hoped that they will be ready for the cultural trips.

At the beginning of the week we collected the first signatures, and got the last one yesterday. So now the production will start soon, and we hope to be ready with new Ranum shirts for the cultural trips, so we can show the great community out in the world! 

From dream trip to travel nightmare

On Thursday afternoon, all our Danish 10th grade students attended a lecture in the banquet hall, listening to the lecture "From dream journey to travel nightmare" by Anna Poulsen. Anna is a former student at Ranum, and on a sabbatical trip she was caught smuggling drugs and sent to a Mexican women's prison. 
The talk was about both travelling the world and the struggle to get out of the hell she experienced in prison. Thank you for a truly amazing and captivating talk Anna - we will definitely see you on stage again!

After the lecture, the students had an in-depth cleaning of the rooms, and could then go home for a well-deserved extended weekend.

Fair weekend

This weekend is probably the biggest fair weekend of the school year, and we will be in 3 places this weekend. They are:

  • 24 to 26 February 2023, Boat Show Denmark (MESSE C, Fredericia)
  • 25 and 26 February 2023, Aquarium Fair (Hældagerhallen, Vejle)
  • 25 February 2023, After Schools Fair (A. P. Møller School)

Above are pictures from the set up of the booth at the Boat Show

Our programme for the Boat Show is as follows:

Diving Tank: We have our big dive tank with us, where you can see one of our competent divers in action.

Aira: See one of our 10 Aira boats when we are at the Boat Show. These are the boats we mainly use in our sailing lessons.

Surf simulator: Try your hand at a surfboard!

Biographer: Come by our stand, sit back in our beanbag chairs, eat some popcorn and watch a series of efterskole films on our big screen!

Coralrev: See and experience our coral reef, which is grown right here at Ranum Efterskole College!

In addition to these three dates, we will also be at the Boat Show next weekend, March 2-5. We hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend from all of us here at

Ranum Efterskole College