A Danish Record, Afterschools Day and Shark On The Menu

Dear Reader,

We just can't catch our breath after the wild week we've had here at Ranum. We've burned off powder on the go-kart tracks, had our pulse racing on Afterschool Day and beaten a Danish record - even from the air.

We now look forward to a well-deserved long weekend, where both students and staff can unplug for a while.

Read much more about our hectic week, right here, in this week's newsletter.

Ranum Efterskole Open day

Sunday was one of the biggest days of the year for us: Afterschool Day. On Afterschool Day, families with an interest in school visit us here at Ranum to find out if their child should spend their efterskoleear here. We were able to welcome families from near and far to the school, and offer a tour, a talk about efterskole life, a taste of our World Kitchen and various concerts and presentations around the school.

Already before the Afterschool Day, we could happily announce that we are sold out (and have a waiting list) for the school year 22/23 here at Ranum. This is a completely wild situation, which also meant that all those who had intended to visit for 22/23, had to make other plans.

However, we are delighted to announce that over 400 families visited Ranum, with almost one in two visiting families now enrolled in the school. This is amazing, and means that we already have less than 150 places left for the school year 23/24. We thank you for your interest, and send out good energy to all those who helped to make Sunday a very special day for us here at Ranum Efterskole College.

Didn't make it to Ranum for Afterschool Day, but still want a tour? Book one now, right here: https://www.ranumefterskole.dk/book-rundvisning/

A Danish Record Completely in the Weather

On Saturday, just over 90 students went on the adventure of a lifetime - to DropZone Denmark near Herning, where they had to jump out of a plane! The students were sent out on nothing less than a tandem jump (jump strapped to a professional) from 4,000 metres.

With a total of 103 tandem jumps, we broke the Danish record for the number of tandem jumps in 1 day! It's crazy, and things didn't go quietly at DropZone. The students were sent up in teams of 6 (so 6 students to 6 professionals), plus various cameramen and solo jumpers were also up there.

The day was a huge success, with all students registered and completing the jump. For those students who didn't make the trip, we are already planning our next skydive trip, which will be on April 29-30. Here students will also be able to take the AFF course, which lets them jump out of the plane on their own. It's going to be crazy!

A Lecture For Difference

On Thursday afternoon, students were sent on an extended weekend in style as they had an experience that won't soon be forgotten. This school year we have a heightened focus on digital safety and education here at Ranum, and in that context we were visited by lecturer Malte August Prehn. Malte is known from the DR3 documentary series 100 False Loves, which tells his story of digital abuse of his identity. The documentary is briefly about the following:

In the documentary, we follow the normal life of Maltese youth with friends, family, etc. A life and identity that was frighteningly easy to copy. This led to the internet profile Nikolaj Isaksen, which was a faithful copy of Malte August's presence, and which Malte only managed to shut down after an 8 year long struggle with huge personal consequences. For example, the profile built more than 100 close relationships with young girls on social media under the fake identity."

Malta's talk was held in the Ballroom for the Danish students, while the international students heard from our very own Nigel Hopwood, who talked about his trip on

the Burning Man festival in the wilds of the USA.

The lecture with Malte came as part of the Danish and volleyball lessons here at Ranum, as even the volleyball girls wanted an extra good insight into the absurd story.

The students were so captivated by Maltese's story that we didn't even have to tell them to put their phones away - and that's great! There were also lots of questions from the students, who were very involved in the talk.

We thank both Malte and Nigel for two fantastic talks that really gave food for thought.

Shark on the menu

Wild it should be, and wild it was, when a thresher shark passed by Ranum on Monday morning. Unfortunately, it had been caught as a by-catch by a Danish fisherman, and was therefore sold at a fish auction. Here the kitchen took action, and got the beautiful animal home to the school.

And the shark was to prove very useful, contributing to several facets of the day's teaching. Peter, who recorded the video of the shark below, brought his biology class for some up-close teaching with the beautiful animal. In addition, the gastronomy skills team was tasked with the task of paring the giant shark, which was served for dinner that evening.

North Jutland Championships in After School Football

Last Friday, all the school's football students went to the efterskole Football World Championship. The girls and boys fought hard and one of the teams finished in the semi-finals. Great day for all the students who participated!

Go-karting spree

Per student initiative, 50 students went out to Aars Gokart on Saturday, to burn a good amount of gunpowder on the track. It was a great ride, where the students really got their competitive and adrenaline genes. A huge success, which should definitely be repeated! See the cool pictures, right below:

Thank you for now

Once again, we thank you for your loyal readers who watch this channel every week. Next week will be used here at school to warm up for the profile trips, which will already be taking place in a week's time. We're then ready to take on Europe, on everything from surfboards at sea, to guitars on the streets of Liverpool.

Happy weekend to you all, from all of us here at

Ranum Efterskole College