Alpacas, Prime Minister Meeting and Warming Up

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Welcome back to our newsletter, here from Ranum Efterskole College. Another week has passed and we can now look back on a week filled with minister selfies, animal visits and warming up for the Vilsted Sø Løb.

We are working hard right now to make sure everything is ready for the Afterschool Day on September 25th, but also for the departure of Profilfag 1. Read more about the preparations for these big events, as well as the highlights of the week, right here

A selfie to remember

The "Activism and Democracy" activity team was in Copenhagen during the week to gather inspiration for a day on youth and democracy for the other students at the school in connection with the elections. They visited the parliament, Christiania and Youth Meeting, an open festival for young people in the spirit of democracy, where young people can dream, engage in debate, be inspired and help tell what youth can and want.

Sara, a 10th grade student here at Ranum, described the week as super cool, and said that especially the People's Meeting had been exciting. Even more cool and exciting was the meeting and selfie she had with the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen - it will be remembered forever 😉 Mette gave the opening speech at the festival, and made a big contribution to a unique week for the activism students.

Alpaca Amok

Project Greenfingers look after goats and ducks in their green space at school every day, so their many green fingers are used to looking after and handling animals. On Wednesday, Greenfingers teachers Carsten and Lars took their students under their arms and visited the Alpacas of Fredly farm. During the visit, the students learned about the alpacas' way of life and even got to walk outside with the animals.

It was a great trip, and so good in fact that there may be alpacas in Project Greenfingers in the future.

Vilsted Lake Run

The Vilsted Lake Run is very special for the school, and is marked by students, staff and family alike.

Saturday is Family Day here at Ranum Efterskole, where parents, siblings and grandparents can experience the school.

The day officially starts at 10:30 with a school-wide assembly to get the day off to a good start. Then the stages start, with many of the students running 4.6 km in particular. As you know, the lake race goes around Vilsted Lake, which we as efterskole often use, especially to get a little break from everyday life.

After the race, lunch and activities for families will be held at the school, where 200 will go sailing. Other activities include a photo safari, bubble football, Coral Lab tour and wakeboarding.

Much more about this day will follow in next week's newsletter, so stay tuned!

International Evening

We are so lucky here at Ranum that we have students from all over the world, and have thus become our own little melting pot of cultures. However, this can be taken for granted in everyday life, and so next week we will be celebrating this on our International Evening. International Evening has become a tradition here at Ranum, where we can truly celebrate cultures, diversity and impressions from around the world.

The evening is guided by the students themselves, who set the agenda. Each nation has its own stand, where they serve food and snacks, showcase the culture and invite you to learn about the world outside the Ranum bubble. That Ranum means "the place in the middle" is really highlighted, on evenings like this.

As always, you can follow festive evenings like this on our Instagram. We'll be running a livestream on Wednesday evening from our International Evening on here, where some of the students will be showing off amongst the stalls. Questions can also be asked here, including about: Afterschools Day!

Ranum Efterskole Open day

We are fast approaching one of the biggest days of the year, which is Afterschools Day, on 25 September. On this day we open our doors to families who want to explore what Ranum has to offer. On this day, we will be serving up samples from World Cooking, presentations about efterskole life here at Ranum, and performances from Music and Dance.

You can read much more about the programme, right here:

You can register for the day by pressing here

Departure to Profile 1

The 2nd week of October we pack our backpacks and set off across Europe on the Profilfag 1 tour. Destinations include Music & Media to Liverpool, Football to Barcelona, Diving trips to Malta, Egypt and Cyprus, and Fashion & REdesign to Paris. All profile subjects have received the first travel letter, which gives parents an insight into the travel times and programme, among other things.

In addition to letters, it is buzzing with preparation for the trips around, where, among other things, sailing has gotten crews set for their sailing trip to ?. In addition, music is working at full speed, as they will give street concerts in Liverpool.

So, in the last month before departure, the whole school is busy planning for all 500 students to get out and experience the world in the best possible way. It's going to be great!

In memory of Queen Elizabeth

At Ranum we have many international students and staff who woke up on Friday morning to the sad news that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away.

At today's community gathering, we therefore commemorated Queen Elizabeth. Our UK staff are deeply moved, including our Head of Education Matt Danaher, who was interviewed this morning for DR.

- We never thought the day would come. She just kept going and going until the very end. So it came as a shock that she is not here anymore, he says to DR Nordjylland.

Matt is also interviewed on Go' Morgen Danmark Monday morning, where he gives his personal reaction to the death.

New Ranum Magasin on the street

Every year we publish a new Ranum magazine, which tells about the current and upcoming year. You can read about profile and cultural subjects, academic subjects, efterskolelife and everything else that defines a year at Ranum. The magazine can be read digitally, right here:

If you would like to distribute this magazine in your local area, make it available at the local sports club or workplace, we will be happy to send you some copies. Contact if this sounds like something for you.

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