Life in the heat

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Students and staff returned on Sunday evening refreshed and rested after the first long weekend. The first real 1TP4 week with book schedule, profile subjects, activity subjects and weekend registration went beyond all expectations, so we are ready for a great water sports weekend!

Although we are in "normal mode", there are plenty of experiences to read about!

Full-host weekend

While the other students were at home on an extended weekend, our full-host students went on an exciting weekend programme to learn more about Denmark. The full-host weekends are structured in such a way that they start at the very beginning of Danish history, and then step by step, look forward in time.

Therefore, it is very appropriate that the students started with a visit to Ertebølle Stone Age Centre. The visit included archery, outdoor stories about the Stone Age in Denmark - and of course a little boat trip in the good weather. So the students got a little insight into some of the very first things we know about Denmark, and are ready to explore much more, about good old Denmark.

In addition to a visit to an outdoor museum and a test of the students' footwear, the weekend also included a trip to IKEA, pizza baking, relaxing and homework cooking. Patricio, a full-host student who lives in the Rectory, gave the following account of the weekend's exploits:

"The weekend in Ranum was very cozy, I could finally rest. But still, I missed the music from all over the houses, and the noise from the other people. We went to Aalborg, and we went shoping. My first IKEA experience was something unforgettable. I wont go back there in a long time, because it is like a maze. You think that you have wondered the same place 100 times, but you are actually in a new place all the time."

The weekend also included a visit to the beach;

"We went to the beach, that was very good. It was very contrasting to see the big Danish hills, and suddenly the beach"

Overall, a great weekend that offered students a bit of everything while their classmates were at home.

We enjoy the heat and are mostly outdoors

Both in class and in our free time, we try to be outside as much as possible, enjoying our amazing surroundings. Tuesday evening we filled several buses and went on a sunset swim in Rønbjerg, which was perfectly rounded off by a speedboat trip with sailing instructor Latz.

In addition, the sailors have had great days on the water. On Tuesday all boats were in and the many new sailing aspirants got their first experience of the fresh wind and waves of the Limfjord - luckily the water is nice and warm! We sail at Ranum in Aira 22s, of which we have 10. In addition, we have 2 RIB speedboats, which the teachers use both to be able to sail across the boats with information - and also to give a rush through the students who would like to try a faster ride.

A small snack

Outdoor Skills, strongly led by outdoor teacher Rune, challenged itself on Wednesday. They got themselves a protein-rich little snack as they cooked organic grasshoppers from Rønbjerg on trangia. These are some super cool students we have here on the Outdoor Skills team!

This year, in addition to crawling snacks, 10+ Outdoor Skills will try their hand at canoeing, bushcraft, mountain biking and camp life.

The profile subjects are in full swing

Afternoons are buzzing with students active in profile subjects. Here are a few highlights from the week's posts on the Facebook group Ranum Efterskole College 22-23:

Board Performance kicks off the snowboard season on our dryslope:

When you can't get to the ski ramps, the ski ramps must get to you. Practice makes perfect, and we're sure these students will be extra wild on the slopes this January.

Fit for life doing basic boxing:

Fit for Life has put on its training clothes and is going all out in our old gym, Svereden. See much more, on their Facebook page, just here

There's plenty of life in the Greenfingers project

The Greenfingers Project is off to a good start. There's a lot to do and the students are working hard.

Our latest project is to re-grow vegetables, writes Carsten Arndal, teacher and initiator of the Greenfingers project. The project gives pupils a sense of plants, animals and the seasons, and for many "big city" kids it's great to discover how fruit hangs on trees and flowers in Wild with Will beds are just waiting to be picked.

First weekend to-framelding worked well

This week, for the first time, students had to sign in/out for the weekend.

It is done on a School Plan App and we are super positive because the vast majority succeeded in enrolling and those who had challenges were good at getting help. There are approximately 430 students in the upcoming water sports weekend and it will be a feast of activities but also an opportunity to just have fun and relax with the many new friends.

For the rest of the year, it is super important that pupils also use the weekend registration by Monday, as it is part of the teachers' new working time agreement that they are notified of any weekend work at least 4 days before.

Next week and weekend

Next week is a normal week except for Wednesday, which is "home-hosted" by the contact teachers. This means that contact groups will visit their contact teacher in his/her home, as far as is at all practical, and thus also get a more personal experience of who their "teacher" is. It's always a really nice and fun day, where the groups cook dinner together and have plenty of time to talk through the 1TP4Year and the community.

On the weekend of 3 - 4 September,

there is no theme and therefore it is up to the students themselves to come up with activities and organise fun. It is also important that there are "quiet" weekends where you can recharge and catch up on schoolwork, do laundry and maybe spend extra time with your new friends, going for a walk or playing a game. These weekends also cherish the fact that students shape their own year.

Vilsted Lake Run and Family Day on 10 September

You'll need lots of energy on Saturday 10 September, when we organise the Vilsted Sø race in cooperation with the Lions Club in Løgstør. We expect all students to actively participate and run for their family group. It is free to run for Ranum, as a family or student. Registration is via this link:

But we encourage students to run for donations if they can get family and friends to sponsor some "mileage money". All donations or sponsorships should be made by Mobilepay to 15327, quoting student number and student name. The money will go to Ranum's friendship schools and organisations, which we expect to visit in March, on the big cultural trips to Nepal for example.

Dfor Afterschools Day on 25 September from 10-17.

The students show around and there is plenty of inspiration in profile and cultural subjects, as well as the opportunity to hear about the school's unique values and international profile. Refreshments from our World Kitchen will be served and you can easily set aside 3 hours for your visit. That's why we start already at 10.

There is a lot of interest in a school year at Ranum Efterskole College and there is a waiting list for 2023-24, but don't give up.
We are creating a system to track the waiting list online, and as we are a school for many different young people in the world, we expect there to be more vacancies between now and the start of school.

Thanks for now, and the good reading.

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Ranum Efterskole College