Thank you for a fantastic year, an unforgettable year.

Dear reader,

The 21-22 school year ended with a magical graduation party on the big stage in front of the main building.

The students have now returned home with their families to all parts of Denmark and more than 20 countries.

Graduation means sending away and here it is all too quiet, but only until tomorrow Sunday when the international summer school starts.

It has been an amazing school year and we are almost intoxicated by the happiness and joy we have shared with students and parents that we made it through the year and completed an almost normal school year.

Revisit graduation speeches, student bands, peer of the year awards and more.

Outro week has been a feast of activities and gatherings. The highlights have been the Gala Party and the Dream Festival.

Home visits by contact teachers gave students time to meet one last time with their contact group and teachers. They enjoyed brunch and there was great joy when they were able to open their letters of expectation, letters they wrote to themselves in the first days of the school year.

The gala celebration, on Wednesday, featured the most beautiful young people and lots of great entertainment and singing. The students had nominated each other in different categories and there was obvious pride in the winners.

Highlights for most were the traditional teacher revue, where teachers - without filter - perform sketches from funny and weird experiences with students throughout the school year.

The Lancier dance was a showcase of creative dance for most, and a stunningly beautiful sight to see well over 450 young people dancing the Lancier!

Thursday was the last day and evening in the rooms, and after a hard round of cleaning and unpacking, the students were rewarded with Mario's pizza delivery service, which brought pizzas to the students in the rooms.

St John's Eve was an exceptionally beautiful evening, with students gathering around the big bonfire, singing the Midsummer's Eve song, watching the sun go down and writing memory books.

The Dream Festival ended Friday, which was otherwise dedicated to the main cleaning of all rooms and common areas. Most of the students had a great time and were busy packing tents and sleeping bags for the Dream Festival Camp.

The festival took place in Næsby and the atmosphere was fully in line with other festivals in the country. The sun shone from a cloudless sky and all the bars were busy, albeit with non-alcoholic drinks.

The programme featured Undertekst, Lynnerup Trio and DJ etc.

The main band was Undertekster, who gave a great concert in front of a crowd of fans.

Thank you for a fantastic year of afterschool from all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College