New students' day, Last day of school and ready to discover the world again

In this newsletter, you can relive the excitement of New Students' Day last Sunday, Derby racing and the last day of school, as well as prepare to follow the big cultural profile trips in the week ahead.
Happy Ascension Day to all!

New Students' Day
We had glorious sunshine and high spirits. The 1600 or so future pupils and their parents were able to follow the sing-along and Parent Orientation on a huge screen. During the morning, all families had an interview with their contact teacher and then had to try on school clothes, confirm their choice of profile subject and choose for the new TEBO vocational bridging programme.

New and more secure annual plan
The upcoming student team was also prepped for a new annual schedule, taking into account that there will probably be another Corona variant next winter. Therefore, we are repeating this school year's success of moving the Culture Trip to later in the spring and doing a joint ski or city trip instead. The new plan will result in one less profile trip, but everyone will go on 3 trips and then the school year will also end with a profile trip to Denmark. Link to new annual plan for 2022-23.

Visit of German Danish students
On Monday we were visited by 23 young people and 3 teachers from the Nordic Institute at Kiel University. They study Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish language and culture. The Danish students typically become teachers at German schools and colleges. They visited Ranum to experience the Danish efterskole culture and there were a lot of impressions to process in comparison with the German school system. We expect to get a lot of internship applications!

Last day of school
At Ranum we celebrate the last day of school with lots of festive activities, fun and games. This year we combined the day with the big British Ranum Derby, where students can bet on the horses and win big prizes with real Ranum dollars (picture). With the acquired Ranum Dollars, students could bid at the end of the afternoon in an auction to dunk their teachers and leaders in the big diving tank. The highest bid was $25,000 for the headmaster. See the photo album.

Ready to experience the world again
At the start of the school year we were due to go on Cultural Trips in January, in October we moved the trips to March, and in December we were blown away by the Omicron wave. But we didn't give up, and instead we moved the Cultural Studies trips to the start of June. We travel in more than 24 different culture profile teams and in the next 10 days you can follow culture profile trips to Nepal, Thailand, Bonaire, Costa Rica, New York, Washington DC, Turkey, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Panama, Amsterdam and Texas. On these trips, we will meet other young people, visit schools and institutions, and work on themes related to the 17 SDGs.

We know that there is still a risk of infection in the world, but we are prepared and ready to experience the world again!

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Happy Ascension Day and happy travels to all students and staff!