New seating area, giant fish lunch, 2nd class day and much more

It has been an eventful week as we are well on the way to finishing a fantastic school year. Ahead of us is a journey around the world. Before we go out into the world we also need to look forward. For on Sunday we will be welcoming some 1500 future pupils and their parents. where they will meet for the first time and get ready for the coming school year. The past week has included:


Rønbjerg harbour is busy. While work is in full swing in our harbour area to provide new berths for 5 new Aira 22, our current beautiful boats are sailing several times a day. In the morning the German classes are put on the water, in the afternoon it's the profile group developing their skills. In the evenings and weekends everyone can get out on the water and enjoy the Limfjord, the sun, friendships and the world's nicest outdoor activity 🙂 Some of our tough sailors also participated in the sailing club's evening race and were well on their way before the wind died down completely and they had to sail home for motor - but still wonderful and exciting for our skilled sailors. It will be great when we can get 10 Aira in the race soon.

Handing in synopsis for oral exams & a lot of activities

There are many activities every evening. On Monday, for example, there was "training" in the duel certificate, football matches, preparation for trips and especially help with Danish synopses.

2nd class day

On Wednesday we had invited all of the municipality's 2nd grade students to "Around the World" with Ranum Efterskole.
At 8:45 the buses started to roll in from the different local schools, and at 9:00 a total of 272 little pupils were gathered for a common warm-up together with a big bunch of our 10th graders who were going to take care of them during the day. Once the warm-up was over, it was off to the stations where the 2nd graders visited different countries and did fun activities - e.g. climbing mountains in Nepal, egg races in England and grape pressing in France. 
Our students did a great job and at 12:00 we could send a big group of very happy 8-year-olds back home. 

Spanish Exchange Group

This last long weekend a group of ten students travelled to the North of Spain to stay with host families. It was a unique experience were they got to meet Spanish people, try a lot of fantastic food, discover Bilbao, watch a football match and explore the beautiful nature.

The aim of this trip was to visit a group of Spanish students that came to the school during spring. This is the first Spanish exchange we do at the school and it has been an amazing success!

Our students have got to experience Spain from a whole different point of view, living with a host family and spending time getting to know their host buddies while practising their Spanish skills. As one of our Danish students would say, it has been excelente!!!!

Fish on the menu

In the middle of the week we had not just one kind of fish but many, for lunch. It was a cornucopia of delicious fish dishes. Here our taste buds were allowed to explore a little of everything. From rings to smoked, flat and round.

(Helene is OK 🙂 )

New students' day

We're getting ready for New Students' Day on Sunday.

The area in front of the main building has been dug up and the sewers have been divided into black water and surface water. In the process, we have created a brand new seating area in front of the building and laid new tiles.

We got tired of the mud and sand everywhere, so on the occasion of the visit of 1500 new students and their parents on Sunday, we also put out rolling grass.

The entire construction task has been solved exemplarily by SMS Sebastian's Multi Service in Ranum. Sebastian and his good colleagues have been working 16 hours a day for the last week to be ready for Sunday!

Have a great weekend