Randers Rainforest, Concert, Asian Cooking and New Students' Day

Dear reader,

Denmark's Liberation Day, Mother's Day and a weekend of music and brave parachute students led us into a week of International Exams, cultural studies preparation for the upcoming trips, a visit to Randers Rainforest and a musical visit from another efterskole.

Skydiving / tandem jumping on Saturday

So what's it like to jump out of an airplane? How do you feel before the jump? And what does it look like? Get the answer in this great video from Dropzone Denmark.

Wildlife Conservation visited Randers Rainforest

On Monday, the Wildlife Conservation class went on a trip to Randers Rainforest. The purpose of the trip was to learn more about the biodiversity we will be working with on our trip to Panama. Here we will live in the rainforest among monkeys, birds, creatures and crawlies.

Did you know?

a. What is the world's stupidest animal?

b. Which animal is luminescent?

c. Name an animal with a sixth sense.

That was one of the things we learned about. Afterwards, the students had time to explore the rainforest's many animal and plant species on their own.

Now we are prepared for a hot and humid expedition with unforgettable experiences in one with nature.

Laura Førby has created the beautiful logo that will represent the Wildlife Conservation group.

The answer to the questions is:

a) The hissing cockroach (can live without its head for 30 days)

b) Scorpio lights up under UV light

c) The snake can see heat on a potential prey

Concert Wednesday with Klejtrup musicefterskole
The atmosphere was great and the ballroom was filled with live music and dancing students. It was the first time that Klejtrup Efterskole visited and gave a concert at Ranum. Ranum's own music team warmed up with two canon popular numbers (see a bit of the atmosphere below), which made the hall jump and dance. And Klejtrup Efterskole followed with 12 bands, each playing two songs. The music-loving students from Ranum and Klejtrup danced together in front of the stage and were served a buffet of different songs. The guests stayed at the school until the next morning to also experience efterskolelife at Ranum.

Asia Cooking on the Great Wall

Asian Cooking was on Wednesday evening at the Great Wall of China and had the end of this year's training. It has been a fantastic year in Asian Cooking with dedicated students who have been great to teach.

The evening at the Great Wall of China was a great finish and the students enjoyed the wide variety of Asian cuisine, especially the sushi was a hit and the desserts were very popular among the students.

New Students' Day, Sunday 22 May.
It will be great to welcome 420 Danish families to Ranum Efterskole College and New Students' Day, for the first time in 2 years. At the same time, more than 80 families from over 20 countries will join us for on-line meetings. The day offers talks with the contact teacher, a general welcome and orientation in front of the main building, and in between there will be plenty of activity, including trying on the school clothes pack, information on profile subjects, and the new Thematic Vocational Bridging and OSO programme, TEBO, which we have developed together with UU-Center Vesthimmerland and a number of secondary schools. The new students in the 10th year must choose the TEBO course before 7 June.

Next week

Next week we have among other things 2nd class day and Ranum Derby on Wednesday. Students will also hand in their synopses for their oral exams.

Have a great weekend and a happy Great Day of Prayer.

Ranum Efterskole College