Mascara, police audition and Easter spirit

Dhonorable reader,

The weather today has helped us to go through the four seasons, and it does cause some confusion around. Is it really spring? Are we even seeing leaves on the trees, and is everything brightening up?

We have certainly made our case for maintaining the spring mood this week, and have therefore had a lot of lovely Easter activities during the week, to maintain the spring spirit. And we've done well, we've put quite a week behind us - and of course you'll have a chance to hear about it.

So as we write this, and the rain pours against the windows, we can only urge:

Sit back, enjoy a sip of coffee - maybe an Easter egg or two - and enjoy this week's newsletter

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And when you do - enjoy the above picture from today's "Nerd Competition"

Kieron Jones and a real masked dragon

This week we have had the pleasure of having a guest teacher, Kieron Jones, who is something of a Shakespeare specialist. So this week Kieron has been able to instil the English teams in the noble art that is Romeo and Juliet.

Class by class, they stepped up to the Loft in Hearth, where Kieron took them on a role-playing-like journey through the script - and it didn't go quietly. The students split into Capulets and Montagues, and then the play could take shape. See lots of photos from the lesson in the gallery below.

The week's learning culminated at "Maskarave" held on Thursday evening in the Festival Hall. Here the Montagues had become the Kær people, and the Capulets the Ranumhus, after which they were able to do the interactive play in front of the rest of the school. Beautiful, exciting, tragic and hilarious - and I don't think we've said too little.

Huge thanks to Kieron for the wonderful work, which really activated and engaged our students.

Police test

Monday wasn't just the day Kieron Jones came to Ranum - it was also the day 15 Ranum students got the chance to take the police entrance exam, and see if they could actually pass it. And 11 out of 15 students did - MEGA SEJT!

The student with the highest average was Caroline, who passed the test with flying colours - that's just cool!

It's one of those volunteer events that's just so cool at school, and gives the participating students success stories to pass on - we LOVE it!

Memory jerseys came to school

The souvenir shirt has become a staple on various Danish efterskoler. The jersey, which is signed by each student and then given out as a memento, is worn at all Danish efterskoler.

There's a strong culture of fun around the jersey, and when it was handed out at contact group time on Thursday, it didn't take long for the shirts to be tried on.

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Easter is in the air

Can be a picture of 2 people and indoors

Easter has come to Ranum, and that means it's time for one of the best Easter traditions: BREAKING EGGS!

The egg-popping took place under the expert supervision of art&design teacher Kristine, who dished up the Easter eggs. Eggs were blown and decorated to the gold medal, and parents can now look forward to taking home the beautiful eggs next week.

Can be a picture of 1 person and indoors

In addition, it should be mentioned that Kristine's "Never have I seen someone so bad at blowing eggs"comment didn't go down well, and that not a single student understood the reference - then we know what film will be shown in the cinema this weekend.

In addition to egg-puffing, Easter letters have been mass-produced here at the school, Easter decorations have been produced in Ranumhus, and Easter bracelets have been made.

On Monday, we were also visited by two speakers from SOS Children's Villages, who talked about their work around the world. It was a super interesting presentation that really made an impression - that's great!

DM in Basketball

If you remember a few weeks back, we could proudly report that our basketball boys, together with basketball teacher Ammar, won the NM in efterskole basketball. So on this snowy/sunny day they went to HCI to participate in the DM in basketball.

The boys are in good spirits and ready to give it their all on the pitch - you can follow our story on Instagram or Facebook by clicking here.

On a Nepal preparation trip

Everyone who knows our fit for life teacher PFA, knows that he is a bit of a wild life gut - he even goes by the nickname Pumper Peter. Well, on Thursday Pumper Peter took his Nepal team under his arm and headed to Rebild Bakker.

Here the team tested their leg strength on a five-hour hike, through hilly terrain and lovely rain and sunshine.

See some mood pictures below - it looks very nice now 🙂

Competition mood is at the top

We've also been in a bit of a competitive mood this week, so we ran two competitions to win a stay at our summer school. So, would you/your grandchild/your sister's best friend's daughter/whoever you can think of like to try efterskolelife? Then jump in and enter, right below:

Facebook competition

Instagram competition

Snip, snap, snout, the newsletter is out

Alas - that's it for this time. Now we'll look ahead as we have a solidly packed mini-week next week, with Fårup Sommerland, Wedding Day and Spring Cleaning.

In addition, there will be a very special edition newsletter - namely "The Memorial Letter". Here you will get the stories of some of the students' best memories from the school year so far.

The newsletter will be published next week on Wednesday - so it will be just in time for Easter.

Then there seems to be nothing left to say but;

Have a great weekend, from all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College