An extreme Thursday, two Czech trips and three other good stories

Dear reader,

Welcome back to the weekly news from Ranum. We've just had the two teams of travelling students and teachers home, and they have lots of great stories from Prague and Ped Poc respectively, which is also in the Czech Republic. Two very different trips but with the common denominator of great experiences with good friends.

Here at school there have been term tests, so time has been spent preparing and of course the tests themselves. In addition, there has been a giant dodge-ball tournament and a very extreme Thursday. So we haven't been sitting still while the others have been travelling.

Let's jump into it - and remember to enjoy the sunshine, if you're as lucky as we are here in Ranum.

"You can spend many days exploring Prague"

If a parent brings home a slightly worn-out child today, there's nothing wrong with that. City walks, rock opera, museum visits, medieval tours and photo competitions are just some of the things the students on the Prague tour have experienced during the week.

Prague has a lot to offer for both, and this was reflected in a packed programme that ensured students got the most out of the trip in every way.

If you haven't already noticed, photos and stories from the whole trip have been uploaded to the associated Facebook page, which you can find by clicking here or on the picture below.

Skiing in Ped Poc

"Well... Didn't you just go on a ski trip?"

Yes, you're absolutely right.

But this time the trip was to the Czech Republic. The trip came into the world and was realized by all sorts of detours. First the trip was to Rome, and when it was rearranged, the possibility of another ski trip to, well, the Czech Republic came up. Or Pec Pod Sněžkou, as it is called.

Although the snow was heavy at times, the students got to ski a lot and explore the many slopes. Heavy snow also meant beautiful, dappled sunshine.

The food, on the other hand, was very... local. And cheap. Of noteworthy food experiences, there is a so-called Fruit Dumpling, which is said to contain both cheese, butter and sugar. In addition, you could get fries for just 15 kr.

We've collected a good bunch of photos on Flickr, which you can see by clicking here.

Extreme Thursday

Rasmus, who normally has a 10+ in Extreme - which we have also told you about here in the newsletter before - quickly put together an extreme Thursday when the opportunity presented itself.

Carolina Reaper chili and other exciting flavors and challenges were purchased.

The acid flow, he already had that. And he had warned the students beforehand.

"You will have the opportunity to satisfy your hunger for eating both strong and nasty things, face your fears and generally challenge yourself in all sorts of ways!" and continued "You'll be sent out to different posts where you'll compete against others to be the most extreme. At the end of the day, we'll find out who the most extreme students in the school are."

We'll tell you who it was later.

Picture from the last time there were extreme tastings.

Imagination Day

Last weekend we held Imagination Day, where families from near and far visited Ranum.

There was a play "Take A Chance", a 70's concert, a documentary about afterschool life, a cheerleading performance, a market with Ranum-merch and homemade goodies, an exciting tasting experience in Gastronomy and a really good talk about the upcoming cultural/professional trips.

Perhaps you'd like to watch or re-watch either the "Take A Chance" or "Home away from home" documentaries? We can really understand that. That's why we're sharing them on video next week - so keep an eye on our social channels. Otherwise, there will definitely be a link here in the newsletter next week.

We say thank you to all of you who visited us and participated in the activities we had prepared. We had a great time - and we hope you did too.

We looked at stars in Lendrup

We finish by the water. It's always a nice quiet end.

On Monday we went on an evening walk to Lendrup and stargazed, strolled along the water's edge and had a chance to reflect on it all.

It was a really nice evening, which is now a nice memory.

We've come to the end of the road. The after-school bus stops and waits, and so does the weekend. Thank you so much for reading.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College