Week 6 - in a nutshell

Dear reader,

Welcome to week 6 of 2022 - which is also the theme of this week's newsletter. Afterschool has been in everyday fashion, but that doesn't make the news any less exciting - on the contrary. We'll jump right into it, with an overview of the week's big and small events, and finally a little teaser, for next week's newsletter!

Guest teacher in art & design

The 10+ art & design class has been visited this week by guest teacher Jan Anker (co-owner of Alstrupgalleri), who showed the students the ins and outs of ceramics. Jan works with sculptures, and this collaboration is part of "Jan and Children's Encounter with Art".

Kristine Sørensen, teacher at art & design, said the following about the collaboration with Jan:

"The students are deeply focused in the lessons and have already gained a lot of different approaches and knowledge about ceramics." It's great to see such professional and talented students really getting the most out of the collaboration - see pictures of the process below:

Golf is great

Week 6 was also the week where golf spread its wings and really enjoyed the good weather. The sun shone on the students as they perfected their swing shape and shot. Enjoy the lovely photos of happy students really enjoying the good weather that week 6 brought.

Large and small activities

To take a look at the mixed goodies of Week 6, we dive into some different activities throughout the week.

First: Musical at Fjerritslev Gymnasium

On Wednesday evening, 90 pupils attended an evening of music, theatre and joy at Fjerritslev Gymnasium, to see the premiere of the performance "A Fabulous Story". The students were more than impressed, and came back to Ranum Efterskole happy and satisfied.

Stronger becomes stronger

This week, the Stronger profile team trained at Dok55, where kettlebell and weightlifting were on the programme. Peter Andersen, teacher/trainer of the Stronger course, says the following about the training "It will be great when our own new area is ready but it's also great to be able to use Dokken's cool premises“.

We thank Stronger, for giving us a sweat just by watching them train - you can see a lot of videos from the training, on Strongers Facebook page. They have a lot of fat, so give the page a like and follow their cool workouts

In addition, Ranum Efterskole went viral on TikTok, which is quite an achievement in itself. Apparently, all it takes is a little roulade eating at Extreme - you can check out the viral video here

Week 6!

And now, what you've all been waiting for... Ranum Efterskoles week 6. This week is used to inform, inspire and learn about sex - preferably in an entertaining way.

So Sex Education was shown in the cinema in the evening, extra sex education crammed into the schedule and like the fabulous raisin in the sausage end, Mizz Privileze himself arrives on Friday afternoon.

Mizz Privileze is known as a finalist in Denmark Has Talent, Drag of the Year 2020 and much more.

Mizz Privileze Archives - Out & About
Source: https://outandabout.dk/tag/mizz-privileze/

It will be an explosion of party, colour and music - as we speak, Mizz Privileze is getting ready for her performance, which we are LOVING!

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Now you have a unique opportunity to meet Ranum Efterskole and a lot of other cool Danish afterschools, when Efterskolemessen pops up around Denmark. You already have the opportunity on the weekend of 12-13 February in Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre, where we will of course have a stand.

Have a great weekend everyone, and may you enjoy the rest of week 6!

Best regards from all of us

Ranum Efterskole College