Sourpuss, commemorative jerseys & HUGE surprise

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You are tuned in to another weekly newsletter from Ranum, where we give an overview of the week's small and big stories. We'll be covering a different "tasteful" experience, the start of a familiar afterschool memory, a surprise the students didn't expect and finally the other stories worth mentioning.

Please take a seat and read along. We start with a Swedish delicacy.

SURflow: "So we've tried it..."

In the 10+ course Extreme, students always have an extreme experience of one kind or another. For example, they have been through an obstacle course with mud, flour (glue) and a VERY cold water passage.

This time the teacher had got hold of what we can humbly call a Swedish delicacy. Acid reflux. Most people have probably seen videos of people eating the fermented fish - or at least trying it. Before the students came to this food challenge, they had also filled their stomachs with rye bread and roulade, so everything was on the line for their stomachs. Most of the students gave the fish a shot, which we bravely applaud!

You can also see more videos of this day on our Facebook or Instagram.

MEMORIES: A memory for life

After an earlier failed attempt last week, this week we could start in earnest on Project Commemorative Jerseys, where students all sign a hoodie. This hoodie will then be given to them as a memento of the year here at Ranum Efterskole. The so-called commemorative sweaters are a long-term project to cast together, so we are pleased with the large student turnout this week.

The shirts will be sent out earlier than usual this year, for the simple reason that we want the students to enjoy it for a longer time. This will also allow them to take it with them on the big culture profile trip in week 22, and really show off the REC banners to the world.

BIRTHDAY: DK's (maybe) biggest birthday

The week ended with a bang, as the students were woken up with the news that "all classes have been cancelled" - but what were they going to do on Friday? The day started with brunch and cleaning before all students met in the common room for assembly. Here, Carl was finally able to blow the lid off the big surprise of the day:

Ranum Efterskole held Denmark's (perhaps) biggest surprise party for Kerem, with everything the best children's birthday contains!

The day included jumping powder ang mas in the Hall, Nerf-gun war, human table football, face painting, treasure hunt, children's cinema, limousine rides and much more!

And what's a birthday without a delicious menu? The kitchen dished up hot dogs, churros with ice cream and slushice, ticking off all our children's cravings. Once again, we have to say that we have the best kitchen in Denmark!

SUMMER CAMPS: An experience of a lifetime

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Now you have a unique opportunity to meet Ranum Efterskole and a lot of other cool Danish afterschools, when Efterskolemessen pops up around Denmark. You already have the opportunity this weekend 12-13 February in Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre, where we will of course have a stand - and if you are lucky, we will have our brand new Ranum Efterskole limousine in tow.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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