newsletter 081021

Ready for Departure, efterskole Day & Year Plan Changes

Dear reader,

It has been another fantastic and eventful few weeks at Ranum Efterskole College. The last two have gone by quickly and we are now getting closer to the profile trips and the autumn holidays.

As the world slowly opens up again, we really look forward to travelling together, to bonding, to learning about ourselves and the world around us!

But first - let's look back at the past two weeks.

Ranum Efterskole Open day

Last weekend we opened our doors to all visiting families and friends who came to experience after-school life. The flag was raised, the school was buzzing with life and happy students proudly showing families around the campus. The students showed off their school in the best possible way and proudly told the 550 families about life at the school. They received lots of praise and recognition from the guests!

It felt great again to have the school open to everyone without any restrictions. The day had plenty to offer - guided tours, presentations, talks about boarding school life and exciting dishes from our world cuisine.

Thank you to all the families and friends who visited us. We hope to see you again next year!

Mindfullness in Løgstør

The Mindfullness profile had a fantastic and relaxing trip to Løgstør, where they tried the magic Gong Gong and other peaceful and relaxing activities.

Ranum Running Club

This week, for the first time, we have started our very own running club. Anyone interested in participating in the Copenhagen Marathon in May or just wanting to learn how to make running part of everyday life, get in better shape, build muscle and have fun is welcome to join the community.

Students (and everyone else who is part of the running club) set personal goals and have individual running programmes created - based on their level.

If you would also like to join the running club, contact the good and active teachers Mathias Kjær or Anders Kronholt.

Changes to the annual plan

We are currently seeing the world slowly opening up to travellers, and have therefore decided to postpone the Cultural Studies trips until April (weeks 14 and 15). Students therefore choose between two joint trips in January - Winter Sports with ski, snowboard, cross-country and mountain activities in Norway or Culture Road Trip in 2-3 major European cities.

The school year also ends with a small profile field trip of 2-3 days. This means that for the first time we will have 4 trips this year.

Choice of new profile subjects

Students at Ranum are encouraged to take ownership of their ideas - and to bring them to life with other students and teachers. We greatly value students showing initiative and learning leadership skills and responsibility through this process. Students come up with new activities and exciting subjects every day, especially for the upcoming term.

This week, the students were again given the opportunity to choose their profile subject - and this time there have been many new and exciting offers on the table. We gathered in the multi-purpose hall to hear about the new and exciting profile subjects for the coming term.
After hearing and learning more about the profile options, students voted for the subject they wanted to be part of. This is part of the democratic process we have here every year at Ranum.

The choices this time are Art & Design, Stronger, Fashion, Baking, Yoga, Spring Gymnastics, Creative Writing, Skateboarding/Longboarding, Musical Theatre, Adventure, Cheerleading, Unesco, Jewellery, Sailing, Diving, Handball, Lego Mindstorm, Creative for Charity, Dance, Myths & Legends, Pottery & Ceramics, Make Up Artistry, Volleyball, Motor/Engineering, Volleyball, eSports, Fit for Life, Alternative Watersports, Media, Football, Basketball and Gastronomy.

This is a unique selection of profile subjects and we are proud to offer students the largest selection ever!

Student party - remember to register

The Parents' Council is organising the first student party on Friday 29 October, so here's a reminder to remember the deadline for registration. Find more information in the Facebook group or on the School Map.

Diving fair in Viborg

Our diving and coral restoration team represented Ranum Efterskole College at a diving fair this weekend.

Lecture with Peter Falktoft: "I f...... hate smoking"

"With his current five-episode radio programme for Danish Radio P1, "Denmark's Killer #1" has surprised most people.The programme is based on Peter's honest approach to smoking, what he has learned from researching the effects of smoking, talking to professionals and researchers in the tobacco industry." (

We look forward to hearing the talk on Friday- don't miss out!

The dance team in Aalborg: "House of Dance"

Profilfaget Dans went to Aalborg for a Hip Hop workshop at House of Dance. It was the icing on the cake - now they are ready to travel to Berlin.

That's all for this week. At the time of writing, the students are carrying suitcases heading for Kærhuset. Because that's where the buses leave from, and that means one thing: We're going travelling! The first profile subjects are already leaving today, and we are SO ready to go - out to experience and test our new skills. It will be great - and you can of course follow us on our social media - or on the site www.ranumefterskole/udforskverden. All Facebook posts are pulled here so follow along in there.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College