Newsletter 190221

Shrove Tuesday, EFterskole run and Project Week

Dear reader,

You are tuned in to this week's news from Ranum, which is brought here in the newsletter on this somewhat choppy (but still sunny) Friday. It is 9 weeks since the students have been to school and it can of course be felt. Depending on where you live in the country, you may have had a nice autumn holiday, or it may be waiting. Here at Ranum we usually do not have autumn holidays, partly due to our many travel days. Unfortunately, this is not the case this year, and therefore the students are facing a somewhat calm week. There is a project week next week, so you have the opportunity to, for example, go to a holiday home or just be at home and work independently without the regular hours.

We look back on a week with, among other things, Shrovetide and joint efterskole run, and then of course there is music and Sofa Session at the end. Thank you for reading along and good reading!

First: Greetings from the headmaster.

Keep your spirits up - see you soon!


Earlier in the week, there was a costume contest where the students submitted their best bids, and below you can see some of the participants. It's great to see that even though we can not be at school, there is still creativity and play around with the students. We need more of that. Very much like very soon!

The last picture was submitted by Hannah, who won the competition. There's a prize on the way!

The Great Bake Off

A group of happy teachers smoked in the kitchen to make the best Shrovetide buns, accompanied by Tanja and Jesper, who on that occasion were judges in The Great Baking Contest at Ranum. An entire episode came out of it, and if nothing else, you can get some good tips for delicious Shrovetide buns.

Efterskole invite: We sing together

Most people have seen "Fællessang" on DR, and now we are invited to join!

"If you want to join in, record a video singing 'Give us back the light'. Send it to DR by Monday 22 February, and they'll cut it into a giant choir, which Katrine and Johannes will sing with live on Friday 26 February," writes the after-school association in the Facebook post.

We would like to contribute as much as we can, so if you are fresh, send your bid to. Deadline is on Monday.

Read more (Danish)

Virtual Tour

On Thursday next week, we will hold a Virtual Tour again, and as always, you are most welcome to share the message if you know someone who would have liked to have seen Ranum. The students show around, there is a short presentation about Ranum and then there is otherwise ample opportunity to ask all the questions you may have.

To register, follow the link here: Virtual Tour on 25 February at 7pm.

We ran to France!

And it's not even clickbait.

Last Friday we participated in Efterskolerne Løber, together with 100 other afterschools. Our students reached a full 1,015 km, which is equivalent to a total of running from Ranum down to the border with France. So it has gone wildly well! So much praise to all the cool students who came away 🙌

Read here and find out who won the competitions:

Sofa Session

And then we have reached what we fortunately hear from many that they look forward to. Sofa Sessions has become a regular feature, and we actually talked about preserving it, so when the students come back, those who feel like coming along as a singer or on an instrument. We are really looking forward to that. And I wonder if we will not get the opportunity right away.

That was the news of the week. It's great to have you as a reader, and if you have a tip or just some feedback on the newsletter, send an email to - the inbox is open and everything is welcome.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College