Common afterschool race, a call to politicians and Sofa Session

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This week's newsletter is relatively short, so we'll dive straight into it. Enjoy reading.

A call that was heard

"My after-school friends and I are on the verge of tears after every press conference: We want to go back," Ida wrote earlier this week in a letter she sent to, among others. Mette Frederiksen and a number of media. And it was heard. Jyllands-Posten was quick, and shortly afterwards the letter was published in the newspaper. It was clear that Ida had a lot on her mind, and it deserved to be heard.

The letter had a lot of merit, which is why she was interviewed for an article, which you can read here:

Read the article: 17-year-old secondary school student feels she is missing out on the best year of her life

TV2 Nord was also aware of the story, and Ida appeared in the news with this nice feature

Click on the picture or on the link here: Closed secondary schools: - We miss the community and the cohesion

Afterschools unite in joint race

30 afterschools across the country have agreed to run together - separately - today, Friday, and of course we're taking part. So the students have been out and about, sending photos to Steen of their routes. There are a handful of international students at the school, who of course also ran today.

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Today's Sofa Session

Today Halfdan, Victor and Carl play and sing Dreamweaver - almost straight from the Sweat in the Seminary House. Enjoy it here.

Sometimes short is just as good, and so it is with this week's newsletter. Next week's features include Shrove Tuesday with the Great Bake-off and other fun features. Look forward to it, and have a great weekend.

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