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Vilsted Lake Run, International Evening & Aquarium Fish

Dear reader,

Another eventful afterschool week with lots of activities and fellowship is quietly moving into an extended weekend. As you know, Friday means newsletter, and we have once again filled it up with the week's stories in text and pictures.

In addition to the community activities, a lot of energy is spent on preparing the upcoming profile trips. The divers are doing theoretical and practical tests, the music team is playing together in the rehearsal room, on media we are getting camera savvy, the surfers are getting better and better at getting up and riding the waves. This is just a small sample of the profile subjects, all of which can be followed on Facebook, and the link to which can be found at the profile pages by clicking here. There are a lot of good stories, especially when the journeys begin.

We look ahead to the week that is almost over, and we start in the backyard at Vilsted Lake.

Students run for a better world

There are almost certainly many people reading this who helped support our own version of the Vilsted Sø Løb. To all of you we would like to say a thousand thanks. You have made a huge difference to so many people who really need the helping hand you have extended to them. It amounted to no less than 40,762 DKK, which of course goes unrestrictedly to the charitable support work and friendship schools. A big thank you also goes to the two corporate sponsors CBS Byg and BDO Audit.

Read what the money goes to here.

The Community Run culminated in a great event on Saturday. Unfortunately, parents were unable to attend, but despite that (and a good bucket of water from above), the students were in good spirits as they set off together on the beautiful run.

See the rest of the photos here.

Here's an overview of the fastest runners.

🏃♀️ 4.5 KM. Girls

  • 1) Amalie & Caroline
  • 2) Anna
  • 3) Maria

🏃 4.5 KM. Boys

  • 1) Oliver
  • 2) Frederik
  • 3) Jonas

🏃♀️ 13 KM. Girls

  • 1) Iben & Malou
  • 2) Stine
  • 3) Julie

🏃 13 KM. Boys

  • 1) John
  • 2) Theodor
  • 3) Patrik & Frederik

🏃♀️ 21,1 KM. Girls

  • Prizes for all girls who completed.

🏃♀️ 21.1 KM. Boys

  • 1) William
  • 2) Gustav, Noah & Alexander
  • 3) Mads

International Evening

On Thursday, the focus was on the international students who, together with a group of teachers, planned an exciting evening. The students prepared a presentation of their home country and a selection of pictures and traditional and characteristic small dishes. The Danish students were very interested in learning about other cultures and it certainly helped the presentations that there was something delicious to taste.

The evening ended with a chilli tasting, which really put the students to the test. In the minutes after the slightly nervous start, a controlled chaos-like atmosphere spread. As the chillies took hold, the Mexican students got busy putting out fires with milk, and fortunately they had the situation well in hand. It was a very powerful experience - both physically and mentally.

A big welcome for a small fish

The little new clownfish plays the lead role in a big news story for all the coral and aquarium interested readers. The first real swimming resident moved into a group of coral restoration students' aquarium, the wait was long just before the clownfish was to be carefully poured over into its new home. The salt balance had to be very accurate, and when the numbers were finally right, the fish started its new life in the beautiful aquarium. And it's certainly in safe hands. The aquariums are looked after, cared for and adjusted almost daily. The students have built the tanks themselves from scratch, and they are joining in as part of a larger project that is teaching them a lot about the world's oceans, the importance of coral reefs to the planet and about life under the sea surface.

Welcome to (it's hard not to call you) Nemo. May you have a long and wonderful life in your new home.

You can follow the development and Coral Restoration on Facebook right here.

Events next week is only starting on Tuesday, and when the weekend comes, so does Afterschools Day. So if you know a young person who dreams of an unforgettable afterschool year, perhaps tell your own story about Ranum and the opportunity to experience afterschool life on 27 September. 10-17.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend

from all of us at Ranum Efterskole College