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Diving in Rønbjerg, Running at Vilsted Lake and Talent Show in the Festival Hall

Dear reader,

It's Friday, the first month as an afterschool student is now over and in a moment we will run for the community. In other words, there are plenty of good stories here from Himmerland, and it's a pleasure to welcome you once again.

We start in Rønbjerg.

Rescue & Open Water Divers: ready for open water

The students who have chosen scuba diving have been practising in the first weeks of the profile and they are already becoming experienced underwater. This also means that they are ready to go on a profile trip to different places in Europe. As a diving student at Ranum you get a Padi diving certificate, and if you already have it, you can become a Rescue Diver and so on. This means that everyone develops and becomes better divers - no matter what level they are at.

"Our Rescue Divers have been through several pool dives now, their skills have been honed and they are ready for the open water. Here they are training bringing an unresponsive diver to the surface," says de.

Denmark's most beautiful silver race: tomorrow it starts

Tomorrow, Saturday, the whole school will run the most beautiful silver route imaginable. It's the Vilsted Sø Løb, of course. As you may already know, the official race has been cancelled. But not for us. We have decided to hold our own Silver Race, and in the meantime we invite you to support our friendship schools and support projects.

Find out more about how you can help twinning schools and support work here.

Ranum Got Talent: Time of the talents

There are a lot of students who stay at school during the weekend. Of course because they are going on a joint (cupboard) run tomorrow, and maybe also because there is Ranum Got Talent tonight. A small group of students have initiated projects, and it will be really exciting to see how they turn out.

If you are a student or parent, you can watch the show live on the Facebook group (click here), and everyone else can follow along on Instagram, where there will be both stories and a live streaming (click here).

"Hello! As you may have heard there is a talent show on Friday in the assemby from 8-10pm. We are very sorry to say that there are a limited number of seats (150) so it's first come first served. We can say that the show will be a blast and it is definitely worth coming to see. If you're thinking of signing up, do so because the prize is mega awesome," reads the message from the organisers.

We look forward to following you - and we hope you will too.

IBO replaces OSO and bridging

The IBO project, replacing the OSO task and bridge building, has started this week. The whole process involves students contacting a company with the aim of being able to describe and propose a practical problem to the company.

Students get input from vocational schools along the way, and in this way students discover the opportunities that vocational education and training offer. It all culminates in an assignment, which students hand in or present on December 20.

Once again: Remember Afterschools Day

We've been beating the drums to raise awareness of Afterschools Day on 27 September. And we are doing it again, because it is an important day for Ranum Efterskole College. Maybe this year it is even more important. We ask all visitors to sign up so we can divide them into teams. That way we don't clash and it's easier to keep our distance.

So if you know a young person who deserves an unforgettable year at school, please tell us about Ranum. Please also feel free to share the post below - it's a great help and we're very grateful for it.

We've reached the end of the week's news on this Friday, which marks the first day of the month as a student at Ranum.

Thank you for reading the newsletter.

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Ranum Efterskole College