At home, running for the community & start-up talks

Dear reader,

Welcome to another round of news from the world's most beautiful afterschool. Said in all modesty, of course.

It's been (almost) a whole month and a whole load of new impressions since we set off on a fantastic year of afterschool. After-school life is roaring along and while we are enjoying the trip, we are really looking forward to the many experiences that lie ahead.

If we zoom in on this fourth afterschool week, there have been community runs, Home With, socializing in the contact groups, start-up talks and a lot of other activities. You can read about them here in the newsletter. So welcome once again - and thank you for reading along.

Fundraising and joint races

On Tuesday, we had our first round of running practice, and all the students were sent off in family groups on a trip to Vilsted Lake. The Vilsted Lake Race, as most of you may already know, has unfortunately been cancelled, so we have decided to hold our own race. Of course this will be subject to the guidelines that the corona situation offers us.

It's not just for fun that we run together. The purpose is both fun and fundraising. So if you have a family relationship with a student, or in general would like to support our friendship schools and charity work, you are more than welcome to make a contribution. It's like most other charity runs, where you agree a fixed amount or per kilometre run.

Read more about the Vilsted Lake Run and how you can support important projects here.

Home With

At the beginning of the year, students visit the contact teachers in their homes. Many chose a Corona-friendly option by staying in the local area, others chose to go on a sailing trip to Livø, for example. We all had a nice day, and most of us were together in family groups, cooking together and having start-up talks at the same time.

Efterskolernes Dag 27th of September

In a month's time, it's Afterschools Day at all the country's afterschools. It's a big day for all of us, not least the current pupils who will be the good ambassadors, showing off the school to potential new pupils. Now they are the experienced afterschool students. The students help to tell the story of Ranum and of course of their own stay.

If you know someone who would like to join the adventure, please tell them about Ranum, and that there is an Afterschool Day on 27 September from 10am. If you send them by our website, you can read more about the programme and registration.

Have a great weekend

From all of us at Ranum Efterskole College