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After school life, Ranum Bubble & Profil Magasin

Dear reader,

This week we have focused a lot on after school life and getting cleaning, meal times and lessons up and running. We have made our new Ranum Magazine, welcomed new international guests, and of course there have been fun and pleasant afterschool activities.

Welcome to this week's news from Ranum - we start with the new (stranded) international students in the Ranum Bubble.

Ranum Bubble

Last week, these five girls arrived in Ranum. They were supposed to go to India and China to go to school, but because of Covid-19 and the situation in the world, they cannot go there. For this reason, the Ranum Bubble For Stranded UWC Students, which allows these students to continue their school year. It can be difficult to retain the feeling of being a UWC student when, for some, you have been home since January. At Ranum, we have an international environment that is very similar to the one they would have been in otherwise.

"Ranum is giving me something I was deeply missing. A sense of community, the feeling of getting to know different people every day, having someone to share my experiences with and to learn from. I couldn't be more excited to start being part of the profile subjects, and get to know Ranum students as well as Danish culture a bit more," says Catarina (Cata) Oliveira, who should have been at UWC Mahindra College in India by now.

The students at Ranum Efterskole College have been curious and can look forward to meeting the new people with different cultures - just like the stranded girls do. The girls will be joined by more stranded UWC students already this weekend, when four new boys and girls join them.

"The best part of studying at an international school is experiencing entirely different people and cultures. I am looking forward to meeting students from Ranum Efterskole College, share my UWC experience and traditions and receive theirs. It felt like home when I was still in the bus," describes Leonor (Nino) Arrobas from UWC Changshu China.

"I was sitting at dinner and I just felt like this is family. UWC is family. I get more than the education I get a family for life and wherever you go you will always have a family. People here, in the Ranum college, are pure kindness! They are so welcoming, warm, and so interested in us," continues Marta Ozola from the same school.

In its short life, the bubble has already gained wider attention among stranded UWC students around the world.

Below you can read what else the students said about coming to Ranum

"We landed in this tiny village in the Middle of Nowhere with people that all of a sudden felt like home again. Who would've thought? Not me." - Erin Entringer (UWC Changshu, China)

"From a quiet time in Aalborg, I was finally faced with a big blast of emotions: meeting other members of the UWC community and seeing Ranum Efterskole. The school turned out to be quite as imagined, with lush Nordic buildings placed in the forest, but what surprised me was the openness of the community." - Paulina Malysa (UWC Changshu, China)

Follow what students are doing on their own Facebook page here:

After school life at REC

A house meeting at the Seminary House turned into a competition to see who could put the most marzipan in their mouth - at once. Jens quickly took the lead with an impressive number. The house gatherings are important and informative, of course, but we have fun and fellowship at the same time.

Myths & Legends, the profile subject, has created an event experience in the woods next to the school, where you can see their creations around on the trees. They turned out so well that they deserved a place in this newsletter - along with a reminder to go out and see them if you happen to be passing by the school.

The design team is always creative and works with different techniques throughout the year. This week they made bracelets and practiced drawing techniques.

Pizzas were made over a fire in the Kærhuset. Yes, you can do that, we found out. The result was great, and everyone loves pizza, so it was a wonderful evening at Kærhuset.

Profile Magazine

Every year, around this time, the marketing and communications department is transformed into an editorial team, which aims to create Ranum Magasinet. Several years ago it was called Profil Avis, but we have moved to a different format, so it is now more appropriate to call it a magazine.

Something magical happens when work on the magazine is in its final stages. The whole school suddenly appears on the 20 or so pages. It is printed and hung on a board, and then you can actually get an overview of what Ranum Efterskole College is. Pictures, quotes, the school's course and of course all the great stories make up a fantastic afterschool story that we are proud of. So we hope you'll read along when it's published - both digitally and, of course, in print. We'll tell you more about that later. For now, we can reveal the cover, which can be seen below.

Efterskolernes Dag 27th of September

In a month's time, it's Afterschools Day at all the country's afterschools. It's a big day for all of us, not least the current pupils who will be the good ambassadors, showing off the school to potential new pupils. Now they are the experienced afterschool students. The students help to tell the story of Ranum and of course of their own stay.

If you know someone who would like to join the adventure, please tell them about Ranum, and that there is an Afterschool Day on 27 September from 10am. If you send them by our website, you can read more about the programme and registration.

This coming weekend there is Water Sports Weekend and there are a lot of students staying at the school. Follow us on our social media to see how it unfolds.

Have a great weekend

From all of us at Ranum Efterskole College