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Start of profile courses, Colour Party & House Cup

Dear reader,

In the intro week and this week, we have seen students embrace after-school life faster than ever before. Well helped by the good weather and the fact that they have not been able to visit other rooms and have not had their mobile phones to draw attention away from the community. The programme has been packed with instructions, lessons, activities and socials pretty much from morning to night, and a lot of students now need to catch their breath and recharge for a new period when after-school life becomes more everyday. Therefore, we recommend that students do not plan a lot for the coming weekend, but create space for relaxation and enjoyment.

And with that said - welcome to this week's newsletter. We start with the most colourful.

Colour party

Traditionally, the first Friday of the school year was dedicated to celebrating diversity and community during what we call the Festival of Colours. Before the start, students have been assigned two colours in contact groups to represent the group at the Colour Festival. A theme may be agreed and then creativity is unleashed as tables are set and clothes or costumes are found.

The colour festival is a celebration of the fact that we are all different and come from very different backgrounds and cultures. That's why it's such a beautiful sight when colours come together to form the community we all share.

The kitchen delivered a fantastic dinner, and it must be said to be an achievement in itself to serve about 500 people at once. In addition, we sang carols and the best dressed and decorated tables won various prizes. There was even a prize for the group that had made a good attempt but hadn't quite finished their theme. We called it the "At least you tried" award.

As with all events, students are divided into family groups and we make sure to keep a good distance from the other groups.

You can see the rest of the photos from the colour party by clicking here.

House Cup: the first house contest

During the school year we have a friendly competition between the three houses. It is called House Cup and consists of competing in different disciplines for your house - and the goal is of course to win the trophy for your house. In the first House Cup of the year, Ranumhus proudly lifted the trophy.

There was sack race, tug of war, long jump, 100 metres race and a lot more. When small communities grow stronger, the big community ultimately grows stronger too. After all, it's all about participating and having fun.

Profile subjects begin: time to practice

Cheerleading, eSports, Windsurfing, Board Performance, Fit for Life, Sailing, Yoga, Horse Riding, Gastronomy, Surfing, Adventure, Media, Dance, Music, Visual Design, Diving, Myths & Legends and Wakeboard.

The choices are many, and the options are numerous when it comes to profile subjects. Here at Ranum we have something for everyone, so you become part of a community of interest around your profile subject. And the good news is that you have several chances during the year to try out a profile subject. It's the start of learning a subject together with others who are also passionate about it.

The profile subjects have started very well and it will be exciting to follow them as they unfold during the first term.

Stop by and read about all our profile subjects.

Click here for more pictures of the profile start-up.

That's all for this week. Hopefully it was enjoyable to get a glimpse of afterschool life. If you're not yet following us on social media, you can find Instagram by clicking here, Facebook by clicking here and YouTube by clicking here.

There will be daily stories about big and small things, all about afterschool life at Ranum.

Have a great weekend

from all of us at Ranum Efterskole College