Danish adventurer prepares to sail from China to America in rowing boat

Right now they are on their way from England to Copenhagen, where they are expected to be until the weekend.

Ranum supports the project

If you know Ranum, you know that adventure and exploring the world is a big part of the school's DNA. That's why we follow and support the project. And so can you, of course.

The money raised goes to UWC students who are stranded in Europe and unable to return to their schools in places like India and China.

Follow the progress of the boat and look for "Pito Rowboat": https://share.garmin.com/reversevikingrow  

Follow the adventure on Facebook

There will be daily stories on Facebook, which you can follow here : https://www.facebook.com/retracingchinesevisitstoamericaprecolumbus

An adventurous project that could change world history

A real-life adventure that could change the history of the world. That's what the "Retracing Chinese visits to America pre-Columbus" has set out to, which recently started.

Basically, the ambition is to row from China to America, and thus sail in the historical wake of Chinese history.

"Did the Chinese, like the Vikings, visit America pre-Columbus? Chinese history books suggest this. If academic research works out, I plan to build a replica of an ancient Chinese vessel and sail it across the Pacific Ocean to further prove the hypothesis."

If you would like to read more about the project, please follow this link: https://yantu.com/adventures/retracing-chinese-visits-to-america-pre-columbus/