Great start to the school year

Dear reader,

Welcome to the first newsletter of the year - and welcome to all new readers. The newsletter is published every Friday and we fill it with the best stories, photos and videos of the week. So you've come to the right place if you're interested in following afterschool life at Denmark's best afterschool.

We have had the best and most eventful first week at Ranum. It started on Sunday, when the students walked around the rooms and corridors for the first time as afterschool students, and since then we have had Tour de Ranum, Tour de Rønbjerg, the start of profile subjects, heard about rules and frameworks, introduction to cleaning, a lot of shake-up activities and broken ground for a fantastic afterschool year.

You can read about all this and much more right here. So let's jump into the first news of the week.

First day of school

Excited, expectant and probably a bit nervous. The students checked in and the long-awaited after-school trip began. After being shown to the rooms, there were contact group meetings where the contact teachers talked about the upcoming school year, and for the first time, the contact groups were together "in real life".

And then it was time to say see you later and to let go.

Later, we all met on the football field, divided into the new family groups. It is a tradition that on the first night we dance together and get closer to each other. Of course, this is not very Corona friendly, and that is exactly why we were divided into family groups. Inhibitions were shed, insecure facades were challenged and we loosened up a bit. Meanwhile, we enjoyed the beautiful sunset over Ranum for the first time.

In the video below you can see how the first day as a student at Ranum went.

Tour of Ranum

Ranum is not the biggest town in the country, but it is still important that the pupils know where the supermarket and the doctor's surgery are. So we went out and explored the town and the school, where we met the nice office ladies and found other important places. The students were also told a story about why Kundsens Plads got that particular name, so a call from here is clearly to ask the students if they can remember the story.

The students were given a number of tasks to solve and answer while on Tour de Ranum, and one of the tasks was to take a creative contact group photo at the Loft in Kærhuset. You can see them below.

20/21 KTG pictures in the loft

Rules and framework in the multi-purpose hall

We are a large school with many small communities, which together form the large and diverse community. We like to say that you learn to take the helm of your own life, and you develop from that during the school year. The framework and rules that tie it all together are of course something the pupils have to respect, and they were introduced to them on Tuesday morning. They are particularly important to understand and respect in the times we live in.

Nordic Race

When you've been sitting still all morning, you need to get your body moving again. So after an otherwise calm start on Tuesday morning with a lot of practical information, the pace changed drastically. One of the intro week activities that the teachers in particular had been looking forward to was our very own obstacle course - with a (trolley) twist, of course - the Nordic Race.

The contact groups had to choose one to sit in the wheelbarrow, the rest had to carry a kettlebell and a 20 kg weight plate, and of course push, lift and manoeuvre the wheelbarrow. It sounds exactly as hectic and wonderful as it sounds. It was a blast, and luckily everyone made it through the Nordic Race. We've put together a little video from the day - watch it below.

Tour of Rønbjerg

The most important task the students had at the Tour de Rønbjerg was to pass the swimming test. Apart from a handful of students trying again another day, they did well in swimming to a pass. Most enjoyed a dip in the pool with their new friends, although getting into the cold water was perhaps a little challenging.

Either you went to Rønbjerg and took the bus back or you did it in reverse order. This means that everyone had a long walk, where there was time to get to know each other a little better, and the trip was therefore really nice.

Profilfag: Here we go

Thursday saw the start of the profile subjects, and the start was mostly spent on introductions to the subject, but wakeboarding was already on the course in Rønbjerg. It is exciting to follow the development that has already started, where students acquire new skills in the profile subject they have chosen.

The media team was given the task of telling and showing what some of the other profile subjects spent the first hour on, and below you can read what they wrote.


Today the windsurfing team has looked and tried wetsuits, to find the best possible suit for each person. In windsurfing, students learn about wind directions, equipment, safety and all the theory and knowledge that comes with the sport. The course often takes place at Trend beach which is a short bike or car ride away from the school. One of the big goals for windsurfing at Ranum Efterskole College is to get out and participate in windsurfing competitions around Denmark. Something to look forward to on the profile course is the profile trip which will probably go to Sardinia in Italy. Windsurfing is for those who crave speed and excitement on the water.


On the first day of surfing, students spent time getting to know each other and getting an introduction to the subject. Surfing is a subject for everyone, all it takes is courage and the courage to go beyond some limits. Surfing is not just about the individual on the water, but the whole team. It has to be safe for the whole team to be able to surf on the water and that requires you to be taught the theoretical stuff like water/waves, safety, positioning on the board, paddling and much more. Surfing requires physical training and you should be prepared that it takes effort and motivation from the individual to keep warm out on the waves, as surfing is also done when the seasons change. The course usually takes place at Klitmøller which is an hour's drive from Ranum Efterskole College. The surfing team's profile trip is either to Portugal or Spain. Windsurfing is for those who long for speed and excitement on the water.

Fit for life

Fit for life is in the gym, in the multi hall, where we see them lying on the floor and doing bodyweight exercises. They do exercises such as push-ups, planks and abdominal crunches. It's a good time and the students have their pulse racing. You have to remember the right clothes when you do strength training. Otto can confirm this, after his Indian trousers, which cost 100 euros, tore at the groin. In fit for life, there's sweating and moaning, but also time for a bit of silliness and fun.


Cheerleading is very much about teamwork, strength, concentration and loyalty, and this year's team is already demonstrating that. The pro team is already in full swing with practices. They were split into three groups, trying the same drill with the help of the instructors. They were soon ready for a group photo, despite sweat on their brows and nervous looks when they were told the pictures could end up in Ranum's 'Year Book'. All the cheerleaders were very focused on the exercise and were not distracted by the camera flash. It will be very exciting to see how wild the stunts the girls can do when the first profile period is over.


When we first saw the yoga class, there was complete silence and calm. They were feeling their breathing and finding their inner peace. This is very appropriate, as Yoga in the first period focuses on creating good routines and immersing oneself in oneself. This is how it is described on Ranum Efterskole College's own website. Louise, their yoga instructor, explained to the girls in a calm and pleasant voice how to feel their muscles relax. They were so concentrated that one was afraid to make even the slightest sound. The yoga team, however, did not let us from the media team disturb them, but continued with deep breaths in their tailoring position

Colour party

On Friday evening, we celebrate diversity with the Colour Party. But it's not all fun and games - there's also a competition to create the best-looking table setting and costume. Contact groups have been given two colours to convey a theme or idea.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is Profile Day, where everyone gets a full day with their profile subject, and hopefully gets off to a good start. There will be lots of fun activities, so we're looking forward to getting started. Plus, it's the first weekend, which means it's a weekend to be for all the students. There will also be time to relax and digest the many impressions that have been made during the week. And then we are ready for a more or less normal afterschool week next week.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College