Profile Subject trips in Denmark

Dear reader,

The students have been on the last profile trips, and as you may already know, they have been all over Denmark. And if you've been following along, you've also seen how great it is to travel here at home. We've had so many great reports of fantastic trips and experiences - helped along really well by the fantastic weather we've had. Let's face it, Denmark is unique, it's amazing to see how the students in the small travel communities have developed through the trips.

We've put together an overview of the profile subjects here in the newsletter, so hop on board and discover Denmark with us.

... But first a recommendation. If you're on Instagram, you should definitely check out our page. The students have been sharing updates from the week. We've collected it all in our "highlights". Find the link here..

Cheerleading in Frederikshavn

Dance in Aarhus

Diving on Samsø

Adventure in Thy

Stronger/Fit for Life in Aalborg and Ranum

Confectionery on Bornholm

Music in Copenhagen

Sailing on the Limfjord

Beauty, Fashion & Sustainability in Copenhagen

Bio-Trek in Bulbjerg

Surf in Klitmøller


Gastronomy and Asian Cooking on Bornholm

Windsurf and Board Performance in Hvide Sande

Wakeboard in Hvide Sande

eSport in Blokhus

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Ranum Efterskole College