Last Day of School, Water Sports Weekend & House Cup

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Here are this weeks news and stories from Ranum.

The days have been filled with profiling lessons, and rightly so, because next week we're going on profiling trips. As you probably know, it wasn't possible to travel the world in our third term, so we're replacing that with profile trips around Denmark. It will be a different trip for the students, but you can be sure that they will have a lot of experiences. Denmark really has a lot to offer, so we're looking forward to seeing how the trips unfold. You can follow us at, where we will, as usual, collect all the updates that will come during the week.

The newsletter is packed today, so let's just get on with the remaining stories. Happy reading!

Last day of school

We are entering a time when we will be doing many things for the last time. Of course, this can be both sad and sorrowful, but it also gives us the opportunity and space to reflect on all the good experiences we have had.

The last day of school was by no means an ordinary school day. The school grounds were transformed into a fairground-like cornucopia of super fun activities. Throughout the morning, pupils were scattered around the different stations to win tickets to the main attraction: Dump a teacher. As the name suggests, students could, on payment of tickets of course, get to hit a bucket of water that stood perilously and waiting over the heads of the teachers. It was really popular and we got a lot of good laughs out of it. Understandably so. Who doesn't think it's funny to see their contact teacher get a bucket of water dumped on them?

Watersports weekend: LOTS of water

Many of our profile subjects related to water sports activities are historically very popular. That's why every year we have a whole weekend dedicated to students trying their hand at surfing, wakeboarding, sailing, scuba diving, SUP boarding and windsurfing.

The buses took students to Trend Strend, Klitmøller and Rønbjerg, and the students enjoyed the activities during the weekend.

Traditional Tournament: House Cup

Today is Friday and the last House Cup of the year is well underway. The three houses are competing in different sports, and although they will of course go all out to win the House Cup for their house, the focus is on having fun with each other.


A few weeks ago we told you that the reunification stone had been given a face lift. Now it has been joined by a lot of other stones that the students have brought from their home areas, decorated and now put together with the big reunification stone.

The reunification stone was recently restored, and the historic words "Southern Jutland won -" were reinscribed. Now it stands alongside other stones from across the country, and together they express cohesion, community spirit and peace across borders.

In addition to the students brought stones, we marked the reunion with cakes. Lots of them. The students made personal cakes together in the contact groups, which turned out great.

New cheerleading teacher

We're stepping up on the cheerleading front. Experienced cheerleader Katrine Olsen is joining the team, and she has sent a greeting, which you can see below.

Katrine has a lot of experience as both a cheerleader and cheerleading instructor, so we're looking forward to welcoming her - and seeing what she can do with the new team.

Profile subject trips: Ready for take off

As you may have read at the top of the newsletter, we are travelling around Denmark next week. Gastronomy is going to Bornholm, the surfers are heading to Klitmøller and Hvide Sande together with the wakeboarders and windsurfers, the dancers are going to Aarhus to shoot a cool dance video with a choreography they made themselves, biotrek is heading to Bulbjerg and diving is showing up early in the week on Samsø. Follow us on to see where all of them, and all the others not mentioned here, go. It's going to be an exciting week as students apply the skills they've learned this term.

That was a bit about the coming weekand so we end the newsletter of this sunny week. Thank you for reading.

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