Year Book, Asian Cooking & Racing

Pentecost is still in the rear-view mirror and we are back after an extended weekend. However, most people chose to stay at school, so the weekend has been full.

We are getting used to everyday life with guidelines, distance from each other and hand washing. It's clear that this has a big impact on the last period, but we're making the best of it. The last weeks of the school year are to be enjoyed - and they will be.

The students spend a lot of time going to exams and tests, and of course we are preparing to go on a profile trip in week 25. In addition, we have had many fun activities during the week and we take you through them here. Enjoy the reading.

Asian Cooking - finishing touches

The gastronomy room was buzzing during Thursday. The students had to show that they had learned to cook Asian food, and the dishes they had prepared had to be judged by a panel of hungry staff.

The energy was as high as the smoke from the pans, which were being swung hard and fast in the kitchen. Everyone joined in, and the dishes were arranged and then presented. Then it was the turn of the judges, who tasted, assessed and graded the dishes. There shouldn't be too much salt and oil in the cooking, and most of them succeeded - well guided by Ning.

Fresh wind over Limfjorden

On Wednesday there was a race in Rønbjerg. The fine, still almost new Aira 22s and the REC brigade's grand old woman, Venus (Matcher 37), raced in the beautiful surroundings between Rønbjerg and Livø. You can see a right here and enjoy the pictures below.

Creating memories in Design

It's always a pleasure to poke my head into the design room. There are always great activities, and this time is no exception. They currently have a project where the groups each major in making a representation of the afterschool year, using images and design techniques to produce the works.

Year Book - a memory for life

Speaking of less. This year we have decided to do something a little different than the traditional Blue Book. This year it will be called the Year Book. The idea came about when Steven, a teacher from the US who went to high school in Los Angelos, showed his Year Book. The idea was picked up and over the last few months, most of the school has contributed pictures and text to the book.

"After-school life at Ranum is a journey into life and a journey into oneself." So begins the book. It is said that one year at an after-school school is equivalent to seven ordinary years, and when you look at both the size and the content of the new Year Book, you can well sense why the term has come about. It has been a long process to finish the book, but it is certainly worth all the effort. It will be a memento that students can take away years from now and show why the after-school year is unforgettable.

Students receive the book before they stop and can write greetings to each other. It is a unique insight into what a year at school means to a young person, and the scope and significance of the year. If you see Nigel, the man behind the design and set-up etc., please give him credit, as he has made a enormous great work - though of course the book is made by many more, who also deserve great praise.

The coming week is dedicated to profile subjects and after-school life. Most academic courses have been completed and we can begin to sense the outrougen on the horizon. Tomorrow, Saturday, the water sports weekend starts, so fingers crossed for sunshine, waves and wind.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College