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Important information about Coronavirus

Dear reader,

At Ranum Efterskole College we follow the Prime Minister's call for school closures. We take the risk of infection seriously, and for this reason the school is closed for the next 14 days, but at the same time we are conscious of maintaining calm. No infected pupils have been found at the school, but this will probably happen at some point if we do not act. Therefore, it is about getting the students home so that they do not have to be quarantined at school.

Home transport

Students are being repatriated as soon as possible, and many are already on their way. Arrangements have been made for transport home and carpooling, and care is being taken for pupils who are unable to plan their own transport.

Travel, samples etc.

In the current situation, we are unlikely to leave in week 14. We are following the Foreign Ministry's travel advice and are considering the security level of the destinations we have planned to travel to. More information about travel, international tests etc will follow on the School timetable and email to parents.

Questions and answers

All questions should be directed to either tel. 99 66 44 00 or email

In addition, we refer to the Health Authority's information portal, which can be accessed by clicking here.

We will keep our channels updated with relevant information on progress and developments in general.

Best regards from

Ranum Efterskole College