Dear reader,

The weekend is coming, and behind us lies another wonderful week of afterschool.

It has been a busy week with many good activities, and probably the most busy has been OSO and project work. It has been an exciting and educational week, where students have (perhaps) become wiser about the future. You can read about everything else the pupils have experienced during the course further on in the newsletter.

And then there are actually only about five weeks until we go out and try our new skills in the last profile period.

Culture and family day

The sense of community gets stronger and stronger throughout the year, and when families come to visit, it gets even stronger. We experienced this last Sunday at the Culture and Family Day.

A packed banquet hall welcomed families, and after some great presentations, families dispersed around the school. Here, students told stories from their travels and presented the projects they have been working on. The people and cultures they have met and interacted with have left their mark, broadened horizons and made them aware that the world is bigger and more changeable than we experience here in Denmark.

What students take home from cultural education trips has a big impact on their lives and futures. This happens as they communicate and relate to their experiences and what they have worked on.

On behalf of the whole school, a big thank you goes to all the families who came along and supported the students' stories.

Below you can see some pictures from the day.

Culture and Family Day 2020

OSO and Project Week

Students have worked either independently or in groups to complete a project or Compulsory Self-Selected Task. Pupils have worked a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds and this is testament to the diversity amongst them. From painters and architects to pilots and marketing economists - and of course everything in between. As well as a written report, students produce a product. Creativity has been high and it has been really exciting to see what great ideas they have come up with.

In general, students have been curious and open in their search for an education, and there is a general feeling that many have come closer to a desire or become more aware of their future.

The international students have also been working on different courses, and on Friday a team gathered to show teachers and each other what they had achieved.

One of the students dreamed of becoming a make-up artist and helping to create special effects in Hollywood films. She chose a Japanese legend about a ghost who had deep wounds on his face. She recreated this and vividly told the legend in her presentation, while the audience could experience her talents in makeup.

"I wanted to try and combine my passion for makeup and special effects in movies with something that people would remember. The legend is told to kids in Japan so they avoid walking around in the streets at night," she explained through a mask, before revealing the impressive makeup behind it.

International Project week

Aquarium Fair

This weekend, Coral Restoration will be at the aquarium fair in Vejle to talk about and show how far they have come with the corals. If you have the time and inclination, please go - they would love to tell you about the projects.


There was also time for a trip to Aarhus to visit ARoS Art Museum, where the students experienced the current exhibitions. It was a nice trip and it's always fun to go by bus with friends.

Outdoor Guides

Four outdoor guides talk about and communicate nature and the many opportunities it offers. They will be at school for a week, running different activities in the evenings, giving pupils the chance to learn more about nature and how to use it.

"Hey REC! We are 4 interns from Paul Petersen Sports Institute. We'll be here all week doing a lot of different teaching and workshops. We would like to invite you to a presentation about outdoor life and being an outdoor counsellor in the Goldhorn Hall. Now several of you are working on your OSO assignment, so this could be a different take on a perhaps rather special education and profession. We hope to see you there," Nicolai, Tulle, Hjalte and Jeppe said.

Kieron Jones

We've had him in the past, and now he's back. This time he's doing a play with 15-20 students that's a new take on Shakespeare. He calls it Maskarave, and there will be producers, singers, DJs and a lot more. We're really looking forward to following the project, and when it gets underway, you'll be able to see what happens, of course.

For now, you can watch his "recruitment video" here.

In the coming week P3 starts, and we enter the last profile period. New communities will blossom as students prepare for the final journey with Ranum. In addition, there is Casino Weekend, which is always a fun affair.

So we reached the end of this week's newsletter. We hope you have enjoyed reading along.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College