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Travel Stories, Reversals and the European Parliament

Dear reader,

This week you can see students' travel photos, videos and articles. There are a lot of good ones, so you can look forward to watching.

You can also read about a 24-hour turnaround, an enjoyable day and a group of students currently in Strasbourg to see the European Parliament.

And then we look forward to Sunday, when hopefully many of you will make the trip to Ranum to hear even more about the trips. The programme is at the bottom.

We start with the travel memories.

Photo, Video & Article Competition

After each trip, students have the opportunity to submit their best photos, make videos and write articles about their experiences. Something amazing happens when everything is collected and collated. It's amazing to see how different the journeys are and how many great stories they've brought home.

In this way, they also participate in our competition, even if this is not the most important element in this context. Below, we've gathered all the participants, so take a look at the world and get a feel for what it looks like from the students' perspectives.


PVA Comp. P2 2020



Reversal day

There was plenty of after-school fun as the day turned. Breakfast was served for dinner, and this morning the students had "supper". In the evening, there was morning exercise, and generally the rhythm of the day was turned upside down. The students seemed to take it very well, and it was fun to try something completely different from what they are used to as after-school students.

Trip to Strasbourg: the European Parliament is big

A group of students went to Strasbourg to visit the European Parliament. Here they get an insight into what it's like to be an EU politician, tour the important and overwhelming building and then debate international politics. Who knows, maybe they can help solve some of the conflicts in the world right now.

At morning assembly, all the students who had stayed home were on a Skype connection to one of the teachers, who gave us a brief update on how things were going.

Culture and family day on Sunday

On Culture and Family Day, students give presentations and talk about their Culture Studies trips, which they have prepared in their last Culture Studies lessons. We are very much looking forward to welcoming a lot of families who will come to Ranum on Sunday. Below you can see the programme.

In the coming week we don't have winter holidays, but the students do OSO and project work. With these assignments, students work towards a vision of what will happen in the future. It's always interesting to see the range of different jobs and sectors represented. and how students' interests are spread across them.

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