Former students travel the world together

Jetlagged and full of experiences

Dear reader,

We're off to a good start at Ranum, after two weeks of travelling the world. Many of us have been far away, so we are back in our own time zone, which of course means that our bodies have to adjust. We share photos and videos from the trips regularly, and right now the cultural subjects are collecting all the good stories as part of the post-trip work. In addition, our competition has also started and we're really excited to see what videos, photos and articles students send in from their travels. You'll be hearing a lot more about that later.

Important notice: We will be at the fair all weekend in Aalborg, and you can find us at stand no. 23. Come and say hello or tap a potential student on the shoulder! It's from 10-16 Saturday and Sunday.

Welcome and thank you for reading.

See the wild pictures!

We have collected a number of great photos from the cultural trips. We'll start by sharing them with you here. You could dream yourself away?

The cultural trips

Mid-term evaluation

Over the next few weeks, all students will undergo a mid-term evaluation. Personal development is important, but it is also individual. Every student is looked at and it varies a lot where you are in your development. That's why we have these mid-term reviews, to make sure you're on the right track.

The development also consists of doing something good for another student here at the school. This responsibility is one of the most important things you have as a student at Ranum, and in this way you also learn to take responsibility. This means that the mid-term evaluation is not just about checking whether you have too many absentees.

The journey of four former students

There's news in our recurring feature about the four former Ranum students who travel the world together. Last time they were in Malaysia, and now they're in Thailand. They are a great example of the communities being created at Ranum.

Musical at Fjerritslev Gymnasium

On Wednesday and Thursday, the buses were packed and headed for the nearby town of Fjerritslev. There was a musical, and we were invited. Fjerritslev High School students are talented, musical and they gave us a good experience about a local history that gave something to think about. We say thank you for letting us visit!

In the coming week mid-term evaluations continue, and cultural subjects are rounded off. The result is Culture and Family Day on Sunday, when families come to hear about the trips. The students are preparing for this, so it will be an enjoyable day at Ranum. In addition, we have Monday off so we can look forward to an extended weekend - it might be very nice after being away for many days. We need to recharge and then we are ready for lots of after school life.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College