Imagination Week, Bridge Building & Christmas Weekend

Dear reader,

This week the students have had project weeks and been in bridge building, and therefore thoughts about the future and next year's educational opportunities have filled much of the consciousness.

Next week we have Imagination Week. The common denominator for all students is the preparation for Culture and Performance Day on Saturday 30th.

So welcome, enjoy and thanks for reading.

Imagination Week

All next week, all students are working to get ready for Saturday's performance show and Christmas market. It will be an exciting day, where everyone has a role to play in making the Christmas market and show go together. Students will form a community around activities of their choice, which will culminate in six different performances taking place over the course of Saturday.

The performance show this year has a 70s theme under the heading "Popcorn", which in short is about the relationship between parents and children. Of course, there will be actors, stagehands, film crew and so on ready for the premiere on Saturday at 11am.

For parents, students and siblings: Remember to register on the School Plan before the 28th. The programme can be downloaded by clicking here.

Below you can see a little bit of what the show was like last year.

Projects and bridging

Maybe a decision will be made on what next year will offer. The students have certainly had the opportunity to get a taste of life in a secondary school. There are many things to think about and decide on, and it's not as simple as asking "What do you want to be when you grow up?". That's why the students are also guided along the way by our super talented tutors, so that they get on well from Ranum.

We've had a few reports on how the bridge-building has gone, so now the floor is being passed to the students.

"This week I have been at the vocational schools in Aars, where we were at hhx. It was really exciting, and that's definitely what I'll choose next year. We had courses like marketing, psychology and international economics, which were really interesting. So all in all it was a good experience." - Sign

"I'm in a bridge course at stx Wednesday-Thursday and have been to eux Monday-Tuesday. I've had a lot to do with economics and identity. It was super educational and now I'm looking forward to two days at stx." - Caroline

"Here in bridging I have spent the first 2 days at IT, web and media in Aalborg, where we made our own posters and programmed robots. Today and tomorrow I'm at HHX in Aars where vu is part of their teaching and I'm getting some teaching myself." - Nanna

Christmas weekend

Last weekend, Christmas cheer was turned up a notch, and it's not too early to get started. December is just around the corner, and 2020 is only 40 days away. Time flies, and that means we're ready for Christmas too. The Christmas spirit doesn't necessarily come by itself, which is why it was helped along nicely last weekend, as you can see in the photos below.

In Grundtvig's footsteps

For two days we have been on a staff expedition in search of NFS Grundtvig's footsteps in modern Copenhagen. It has been an inspiring and instructive hunt for communities and values in the Folketing, Christiania, Copenhill, Den Blå Planet, SMUK, Kødbyen, Refshale peninsula. At Vartov in Grundtvig's Forum and of course the Afterschool Association.

N. F. S Grundtvig's thoughts are with us every day at Ranum Efterskole College. We teach, play and form together. And we shape the school's profile and activity subjects, as well as choosing which parts of the world to explore, in collaboration between students and teachers. We vote on which subjects to share 3 times.
We live in an intercultural environment, and just as Grundtvig inspired the idea of high school, and later after-school in Cambridge, we gather in the banquet hall, eat at long tables and teach according to students' interests and level.

Grundtvig's ideas for school and his view of man are alive and our hunt has strengthened our awareness of how much it matters in our society.

All staff have been following in Grundtvig's footsteps on Thursday and Friday. We finally find him here at Vartorv, and we bring home with us a strengthened faith, will and desire to work even more with our Grundtvig-Cold traditions.

Have a great weekend

From all of us at Ranum