Sibling weekend, coral news & heartwarming donation

Dear reader,

It's Friday, and we round off another fantastic week at Ranum Efterskole College. What you can expect from the newsletter are stories about last week's sibling weekend, about Coral Restoration at a fair in Holland and a bit about the upcoming period's activity classes. Thus informed - enjoy.

Siblings weekend: look-a-like and fun activities

It's a pleasure to have siblings visit. They are usually very excited when they get the opportunity to experience what their sister or brother is doing here at Ranum. There were over 100 registrations, so it must be said to have been a success.

During the weekend, games were played, Christmas decorations were made, films were watched and, of course, lots of after-school fun was had.

Fair: the corals to the Netherlands

We sent a team of dedicated and ambitious coral riders to Holland, or 's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Holland, to be precise. We haven't done it in the same way before, so it was very exciting to see what's going on in that world, and at the same time show that world what we're doing.

And it went so well that PADI chose to write a little about us. The trip went really well, and we got to talk about how our work with corals works at the school - and when we travel out into the world to restore them.

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Lions Club Donates: 10.000 DKK to Friendship School in Nepal

Every penny counts for our friendship school in Nepal. That's why the money the Lions Club donates goes to exactly the right place. It is used to build and maintain living standards and many other necessities of life. There is good reason to be proud of such a donation, and I think you can see from the picture below that the students are. It means a lot, to them too, that we can help make a difference.

Singapore visit: The Danish Seamen's Church

As you know, our horizon extends a little further than the coastal edges, so we are often out to tell about our school - here in the middle of Himmerland. It's amazing when our international students set foot in Ranum for the first time, and what they learn and experience they take with them for the rest of their lives.

That's why Olav went to Singapore to talk about what it's like to go to an afterschool school in Denmark. He will visit the Danish Seamen's Church on Sunday and hold an orientation meeting, where questions can be answered and a sense of what Ranum is all about can be gained.

Do you know a family in Singapore for whom this might be relevant? Then the link to the event is here:

Korean: ... For beginners

So if you still find the German glosses intimidating, you should just know how many sounds you need to know to speak Korean. On the other hand, the Korean written language is one of the most creative and scientific in the world, at least if Mr. Gunsub is to be believed.

He taught the attending students about Korean culture, music, language, and used Psy as an example. And yes, that's the guy with Gangnam Style. It worked, because the students found it fun and educational. "You can learn how to read in just an hour," he claimed, and indeed managed to learn something in an evening activity hour.

Continuation: the journey of four former students

Once again, news has come from the four girls who have set off on a trip around the world. This is the third update in this mini-series, which we will be updating regularly. Read an excerpt below.

Our journey continues and we have now had 4 wonderful days in amazing Singapore. 

After flying all night, we finally made it to Singapore. Travelling from Nepal to Singapore was a shock to say the least. The city, which is filled with tall buildings, perfectly clean streets and huge shopping centres everywhere, was not exactly what we came from. 

Events next week

It's dance weekend, and it's about to start. We'll be joined by some seriously talented instructors, so the whole weekend's programme has something to do with dance. Next week, students will be introduced to Imagination Week, we'll have a concert with Aysay, the 9th graders will start doing project work, and then there'll be Christmas fun this weekend. You'll be hearing a lot more about that.

Have a great weekend

From all of us at Ranum Efterskole College