Afterschools Day, Ravi Kuma concert and Ggumtle Afterschool

Dear reader,

We are getting ready for the Afterschool Day on Sunday, and we are looking forward to welcoming the many families travelling to Ranum. The students will perform, show around and talk about afterschool life, and it will be a day full of life and activities.

During the week we had a pretty wild concert with Ravi Kuma, a visit from the first after-school outside Denmark that we work with, and on Friday a large group of students went to the North Jutland Championships in Aalborg. You can read more about all that in this week's newsletter.

Tell me about Ranum

We very much hope that all young people who are considering an after-school year will come to Ranum on Sunday. And so it is of course important that the message about the most colourful after-school with the whole world as classroom is spread. Maybe you know someone who is going on this adventure? Tell them about Ranum. The day starts already at 10.

Ravi Kuma!

It was a pretty wild experience to be at a concert with the controversial artist Ravi Kuma. Despite the harsh language of the lyrics, her wild energy was at once controlled and chaotic. It created a party among the students, who were very enthusiastic about the concert.

After school in South Korea

Ggumtle Efterskole is the world's first real after-school school not located in Denmark. We are visited by a group of teachers and students who are here to get inspiration and advice on how an afterschool works. Among other things, we took them to the top of Denmark - right on the branch, and then they visited the local area and went on a trip to Aalborg. We hope to be able to send some students to South Korea, who will experience after-school life in South Korea - and perhaps help shape the after-school m.

You can read more about Ggumtle in this leaflet: Ggumtle Afterschool.

North Jutland Championships

Early Friday morning, a bus full of football players left for the North Jutland Championships in Aalborg. 14 after-school teams participated in the competition for medals and trophies. It was all about participating and having a community experience, and we got it!

Kieron Jonas: The whole world is a stage

...and we're all just actors. Kieron Jones has many messages, and he shared them when he stopped by Ranum to teach and inspire the drama and English classes. It was an exciting workshop of dramatic expression that we will be talking about for a long time!

Events next week

As we come over the other side of this weekend, we have a short week where classes end already on Thursday. On Thursday morning, the Cheerleading profile will be the first to leave for California, and on Monday everyone will be gone. The first travel period has thus begun, and you can follow the entire travel week at We're hugely excited about the travels, so follow along!

Have a great weekend

From all of us at Ranum Efterskole College