Home With, Water sports weekend and cultural subjects

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One of the best things about after-school life is that every week is filled with new experiences. We're barely four weeks into the school year, and yet it feels like the year started months ago. The experiences are lined up, and they make the foundation of the community stronger and stronger with each passing week. If it's true that one year of afterschool is equivalent to seven human years, then perhaps it's not so strange, because we are then theoretically 28 weeks into the school year.

It's been a great week of afterschool, and you can read about what it's been like here.

Home With

On Wednesday, contact group teachers and students came together for a fun afternoon and evening at Home. The students travelled around in buses to the contact group teachers where they laughed, played, peeled, cooked, ate, talked and had a good time. It is a fine tradition that brings the small communities closer where we are together outside of school.

First At Home 2019

Water Sports Weekend

The weekend was full of water sports activities including surfing, kayaking, SUP, sailing and wakeboarding. A large part of the students were in Rønbjerg at our maritime base, where the students tried out the different profile subjects and activities with water.

Søren was there, and he tells here.

The third weekend at Ranum Efterskole College, we had the opportunity to try out the different water sports activities. These water sports activities could be potential profile subjects. I went surfing in the dunes myself, and it was really cool. We had several experienced surfers out with us who could help us get better, but also keep us safe. For a while I've been wondering what to choose as my profile subject in 3rd period. But the feeling I got when I was out riding the waves made the doubts disappear immediately.

Goodbye to the AFS students

We have been lucky to have a group of fantastic young people from Italy. They have been at Ranum as part of their AFS programme and we have been very happy to have them here.

You can read more about AFS here: https://www.afs.dk/

Also read about being a host family here: https://www.afs.dk/bliv-vaertsfamilie/

Ciao for now!

The cultural studies process is underway

At the moment it's all about cultural studies here at the school. The students have now chosen their 1st and 2nd priorities, and the cultural subjects are slowly taking shape.

Below, we share a story from a former student who attended our friendship school in Nepal.

She talks about why she chose to go to Nepal and what it has meant to her.

"I'm going to Nepal for the third time soon. My first trip was with Ranum and my next was with my mother. Now I am going with three of my best friends whom I met at Ranum.

I had not planned to choose the trip to Nepal, as I was starting at Ranum. I thought I was going on a luxury holiday in Hawaii or Tokyo. However, my mother convinced me that it would be exciting to try something different, and she was right. The greatest experience I had was when we got to the school and were greeted by a lot of smiling and happy children. We got to stay with one of the families on the mountain and I have never met such generous and welcoming people in my life despite their poverty. I am very much looking forward to visiting them again in October. It was a very special experience to wake up to a view of the mountains and accompany the children to school, where we helped teach them and play with them."

Thank you for your visit and see you again!

Events next week

Tomorrow is the start of the Friends Weekend, and lots of fun activities are planned to give friends a taste of after-school life.

And then next weekend, September 14, Denmark's most beautiful lake race is held. Registration is still open, and for students and parents there is a code on the school map, so you don't have to pay the entry fee. Register at:https://www.vilstedsoeloeb.dk/

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