Memorial books, duel certificates and Swedish visit

The after-school year at Ranum is coming to an end. We have well over two weeks left before we hug and say goodbye at the tree of life, so the last weeks as an after-school student to the full. Before those two weeks are we go through an outro week with a teacher revue, a gala party and a graduation, so there's certainly something to look forward to. First, the last oral exams, which the students are working on with great to finish. 

Alongside the oral exams, there are still activities throughout the day, which we'll unfold here - enjoy your reading. 

Utsikten visits Ranum

Ranum Efterskole College has a very good cooperation with a Swedish school located in the city of Ed. The cooperation means that we send students to between the schools, who experience what Ranum and Utsikten have of fantastic opportunities.

The group that visited Ranum was training to guides, so it was natural that they were among the MTB, sailing and various activities at Vilsted Lake. In addition they slept in tippis, built fires and had fun in the houses with the students.

If you think this sounds like an exciting school and want to about the possibilities of an exchange to Utsikten, take a look over to their website here.

The most beautiful runners of the fjord

A group of students felt and found the joy of running. It was used on the canal run in Løgstør, and they ran through it. 15 enthusiastic runners at 4.6 km and a single student and teacher at 9.6 km helped along by the beautiful North Jutland summer weather. Good race, all the way around, on a beautiful Thursday evening on a fresh walk by the Limfjord.

Duality certificates: check

The sailing students can finally enrich themselves with a nice and deserved certificate of proficiency. You don't get there by sleeping, and that's why rules of the sea, nautical charts, navigation and much more. The students have learned how to handle a boat, and are now familiar with both the practical and the theoretical aspects of sailing. Congratulations to all of you who are now it's time to get out there and use your new skills.

Read more about sailing on Ranum at Facebook or profile page.

Memories are perpetuated

It's that time of year when the memoirs have to be written. The memories and stories are important to perpetuate, so students can look back on their time at Ranum, and especially the friendships and communities they have formed. It's another great break from the oral exams, reminding us that our time at Ranum is over. In between all the exam preparations, it provides a nice to remind each other of all the good times we've had in during the year. The afterschool time is unique and you never forget it. You take so much with you and it's often only when it's you realise how much it really meant. Dreams become and the memories live on forever.

Johan's IB experiences

Now we are going to something completely different. We've had a visit from a former who has done very well, and he told us about what it what it means to be an IB student and how he got there. Our International Department Head, Matt, write the following about the training:

"Many thanks to Johan for coming today to talk about his UWC experience and the IB diploma programme. Glad to see how some of our old students are thriving after their year at Ranum and some of our students wanting to hear more about these great international programmes!"

There were many interested students and they had the opportunity to talk with Johan afterwards. It was a good chat about possibilities and dreams for the future.

World Oceans Day

An important message from Coral Restoration to celebrate and protect the world's oceans - for the future and for ourselves.

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Family high school during the summer holidays

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Events next week

This weekend there is a water sports weekend, where all profile subjects that have to do with water are in full swing. The next week will be spent preparing and finalising the oral exams - I wonder if there are a few looking forward to it after all.  

Have a great weekend

Greetings all of us at
Ranum Efterskole College