The Green Table, Today's North Yorker and FV19

Dear reader,

Oral exams are very important at the moment. Students spend their days preparing, so there is a lot of study time, but in between all the reading and practising there is also time for other activities. Every day of the week students have chosen all-world activities such as surfing, Harry Potter marathon, cocina latina, creativity in design and a lot more. Otherwise, we gathered for a big election night on Wednesday, where we excitedly watched on the big screen. Some more interested than others, we certainly took part in the celebration of democracy.

At the green table

For some it's an exciting time, for others it's just getting over it. As quickly as possible. Anxiety-provoking or not, oral exams have been the focus for most students this week, and many teachers have been around other schools as censors. Oral exams continue into next week, so the key is to keep the screw in the water all the way until we reach port.

Students have been good at helping and supporting each other, especially when they feel it is needed. So whether you have completed the course satisfactorily or not, we remember the community to the end.

The Minister of Taxation awards the title of North Yorker of the Day

The Minister of Taxation made Headmaster Olav Storm the North Jutland of the Day, a title he bestowed every day during the election campaign. The visit also included a short tour and a nice chat about Ranum's values. Karsten Lauritzen was very enthusiastic about the many projects we are currently focusing on, and especially our great ambitions for coral restoration. So of course he had to see our aquariums in the biology room, which the students look after themselves. You can read what the Minister himself wrote about the meeting here here.

3 x video winder

Not long ago, Anika Bejer was honoured for the third time in a row as "The Best of the Best" in the Pictures, Videos & Articles competition. So it's only fitting that she gets to express her gratitude here - albeit in English. Read along below.

"I feel extremely grateful for winning 3 GoPros for a video competition. For several months, I have been saving up to buy a camera to fulfill my video-making hobby. I never would have expected to reach my goal by simply doing what I love. Not only did this make it possible for me to buy my dream camera, but I also got an amazing prize! I'm extremely grateful for REC's generous prizes that now allow me to explore new varieties of video genres. Thank you!"

Anika's last winning video was from her profile trip to Greece with sailing.

You can see more travel videos and stories about afterschool life on our YouTube channel - you will find it here.

Active days

Of course, not all oral exams take place at the same time, and since regular classes have ended, students have had a lot of options to choose from these days. Moreover, a little break from the exams may be necessary, and students who need it can of course choose from the activities. If they don't have exams, that is.

Below you can see a small sample of what we do when we have neither classes nor exams.

Activities during exam days

Election night at REC

We sat ready to follow the election - and we were excited about the outcome!

Family high school during the summer holidays

Go on an active holiday in week 27 or 28 with the whole family at Ranum Efterskole College. Click on the picture to learn more.

Events next week

Next week continues with a big focus on the oral exams, and this weekend we look forward to a hopefully sunny and enjoyable water sports weekend.

Have a great weekend

Greetings all of us at
Ranum Efterskole College