A wedding, three Nobel prizes and a lot of sunshine

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The newsletter is for anyone interested in keeping up with what's happening at Ranum. Every Friday you can read about everything from funny stories to important information. In short - life on Ranum, and all the amazing, quirky and precious experiences it brings.

This week is certainly no exception. Read on - we're starting with love.

Wedding Weekend

Besides community and diversity, love is an important part of after-school life. Once the year starts, it's never long before the first love couples jump out. You meet each other, learn from each other and experience the world together in a unique way as an afterschool student.

That's why we celebrate love. And last weekend we did it in style. The whole school was in full swing and everyone had a job to do. The wedding planners composed a memorable day, and all the helpers made it a beautiful symphony. Decorations were made in design, the kitchen was filled with kitchen assistants and wedding cake decorators who together created a beautiful menu. Another team worked hard to make the canteen wedding fit and ditto the table setting. All the while, the bridal waltz was rehearsed in the attic.

A cornucopia of love, and we loved it.

Wedding Weekend 2019

She said yes, and he said amen. But what did it look like? The documentation, you can see it here.

Writing competition: 3 prizes for Ranum

Now it will be about Himmerland stories.

Let's turn back the clock a week. We are at Johannes V. Jensens Museum, and Nobel Prize Competition has just been settled. In front of the camera are three proud Ranum students who have just received awards for their stories: 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. The requirements for the stories were that they had to be about, or take place in, Himmerland in one way or another. We are very proud of you, Mathilde, Thea and Jonathan - congratulations and well done!

Sunny days

... And then the sun broke through.

Finally, one is tempted to say. The opportunities to be outside are increasing as the weather gets warmer. Our outdoor spaces have been hungry to be used more. And it finally is. Virtually every evening this week has been spent outside, enjoying the grass with blankets.

We're in for another great season and it'll be great to get out more. More of that, please.

Sunshine and high spirits


We stay a little by the weather. The weather was perfect for windsurfing on Tuesday. Especially for beginners. So a small group went to practice at Trend beach, which is only 7 kilometres from the school. The surfing conditions are great here and you can try it as both an activity and a profile course. Everyone in the team started as beginners and everyone was up and catching the wind - super well done!

Below the surface in Egypt

Diving has become one of the top subjects and we continue to get more and more opportunities to practice and experience life under the sea. Here's what it looks like when the divers are on tour. Have fun!

Greenlandic samples

Today, seven Greenlandic students finished their exams. Paula, Emma, Nivikka, Niviaq, Paninnguaq, Aviaja and Nuunu have now finished their Greenlandic exams, which were maths, English and Danish and history respectively. They have done superbly well and done a very good job. Congratulations to all of you!

In the coming week we're putting all our focus on exams. It will be a busy and crucial time and we wish everyone good luck.

Have a great weekend

Greetings all of us at
Ranum Efterskole College