New subjects, friend nights and good stories

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We're starting in a completely different place than we usually do.

Imagine you are looking at a globe. Rotate it so that Denmark is in the centre. In true iPhone style, swipe left across the Atlantic Ocean. Stop when you first hit land. Locate the Caribbean archipelago and zoom in on the upper reaches of South America. As you swipe through the clouds, country and city names appear one by one. You need to get up close. If most names end in cha, lla or o, you've come to the right place. This is Bonaire. Two weeks ago, the island's natives were visited by a group of students from Ranum. Among them were Tao, Elena and Casper. They were travelling with the cultural subject Coral Restoration. "One day we had to go to a mangrove forest and dig canals so that water could get deeper into the forest, and then we learnt how the mangroves also help the coral reefs. It was quite interesting, even though the work itself was probably not the coolest, it made a lot of sense to us." They tell us more about that journey later in the newsletter. Spoiler: They adopted a coral tree.

With that brief anecdote, we welcome the rest of this week's news. Enjoy!

Cultural subjects become profile subjects

Three times a year, students choose what they want their year to consist of. Profile subjects, cultural subjects and profile subjects. At the end of the cultural period, it is time to form a community around new interests and dreams. We again have a large team of sailors, but also cheerleaders, divers, surfers, fighters, guides, riders and so on. Part of the DNA at Ranum is that students themselves are part of a democratic process around the choice of profile subjects.

Hear what former students say about their profile subjects here.

Curious to see the list of this period's profile courses here? Discover them below.

Culture stories: coral restoration

Over the next few weeks, students from each cultural subject will tell their stories. Watch as Coral Restoration talks about mangrove forests and coral reefs on Bonaire.

Friends - ngødenneV

What do you think when you read friendship? A day with friends? Exactly right. But in Ranum, friendship also means friendship. There was morning exercise at 5 p.m. and lunch at 11 p.m. Classes were at 9.30pm, and included sports with fitness dancing, as you can see below. Students had the opportunity to invite their friends for a day at Ranum. It took a spooky turn when they had to go and find Slenderman. I wonder if anyone found him?

Heading for the Boat Show in Fredericia

All sails are set this weekend. We are at the Boat Show in Fredericia. If you are just a little bit interested in waves and life on/under the water, then this is the right place to be. Meet us at stand C-2038 + C-2039 + C-2039 + C-2040 + U-500. Test your surfing skills on our surf simulator, try diving and experience a real coral reef - and hear about the many possibilities at Ranum.

Read about the event at

Family day on Sunday

On Sunday 24/2 from 16.30 the families of the students are invited to a family day. The students have prepared presentations with videos, pictures and stories from their cultural trip, which will be presented on the day. It is traditionally a pleasant day to talk to the teachers who have been there and to round off the trip properly.

Global perspectives projects

Students taking Global Perspectives had assignment deadlines this week. For example, one group had placed a cardboard box under a sign that read "Donate a shirt - win a dessert".

Meet a person in Oman

Elias Godber was moved by his trip to Oman. So moved that he wrote an article about it. In the article, we meet Ian Brown, who talks about waste and the future.

Euro Scola visit

Politics and society are both contemporary topics and a subject at Ranum Efterskole College. The subject's pupils visited the European Parliament earlier this week, where they contributed to diplomacy and discussed world issues with young people from all over Europe their own age. "We are just really proud of our Euroscola students. Anika, Camilla and the rest of the REC students have made another mark. 🇩🇰 🇪🇺"

Happy New Year - Chinese edition

We end the newsletter with a special congratulations from Sahutsawat Thongchok.

" มันยังไม่สายใช่มั้ย😂😂
Rap ตรุษจีน ในวาเลนไทน์
Happy Chinese New Year 🇨🇳🇹🇭🏴🇩🇰
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