We explore the world and are only halfway

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The video above is a short summary of some of the best images from the trips. There are many more.

Students and teachers go on cultural trips to 20 different countries.
Here you will find a summary of all the Culture pages. Sit tight and hold on tight because there is a serious risk of getting bored and carried away by the many stories in pictures and films that the students tell on the pages.

Of course, there are many "tourist" photos, where students eat, bathe and have fun in between cultural meetings, school and orphanage visits, but that's the way it has to be because it's harder to pick up a camera when you're talking to a local or participating in an activity than when you're in your own group.

And there are fantastic pictures from India, where the Culture Department India is visiting our friendship school and an orphanage for the 3rd time. There are colours, smiles and joy that make an impression and build understanding between two very different cultures, perhaps even different worlds.

Nothing new is good news - but follow Explore the World anyway and get an insight into the students' experiences.

Some cultural trips we don't hear much about because they are in the jungles of Sri Lanka, visiting the Nepal Friendship School without Wifi coverage etc. But they'll send stories and photos when they get back to the city or school.

Overall, the various trips are going well, although there has been some illness on some trips. So the old adage "Nothing new is good news" still applies, although the constant stream of news and experiences on FB and other platforms may cause more concern if it suddenly stops.

So join us in the world and share your students' adventures with family and friends!

Note: Ranum exhibits at the Afterschool Fair in Rødekro this weekend

While the students are on cultural trips, you can meet Olav Storm at the Afterschool Fair in Compas Congres Center in Rødekro both Saturday and Sunday from 10-16.
We have a special offer of 500,- kr. on our international summer school and an offer to come and try Ranum Efterskole College. Drop by if you have the opportunity?

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