Ready to travel and explore

Dear reader,
It's been a week where the focus on regular school subjects has been hard to keep. Instead, our focus has been on our cultural subjects. We have been looking forward with excitement to the weekend when the number of students in Ranum will be smaller while the number outside the country will be larger. After all, we are travelling the world, as our destination. Although the focus has been difficult to sharpen, there has still been time for the usual lessons. This means, among other things, that our Global Perspectiv team has completed some very exciting posters.

'To travel is to live'
There was a time when H.C. Andersen said 'To travel is to live' and in the coming weeks we intend to follow these wise words of Denmark's number one adventure writer. Over the weekend, 19 cultural subjects will be taking the first steps towards new cultures. We are ready. Ready to travel. Ready to live. Ready for world-class experiences. Our students going to South Korea have already begun their journey to the traditional yet modern country, while others will have to wait a little longer in excitement for the plane to take off.

For the next 14 days we travel the world from ancient cultures to modern lifestyles, from life under the sea to life up in the mountain ranges and you can follow along on Here we will regularly share experiences from the trips. You can also follow the different trips on their separate Facebook pages. 

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Would you like to experience a new culture?
Cultures can be experienced in many different ways; we can pack our suitcase and get on a plane, but we can also leave our suitcase in the closet and invite new cultures into our own homes. We have two wonderful students who have chosen to come to Denmark and experience Danish culture, but they also want to teach us more about their own culture. Right now, they are unfortunately short of two host families. Jane comes from Thailand, while Regina comes from Mexico. They each need a host family for some weekends and holidays. Is that you?

Project 'More than meets the eye
The wait can be difficult up to a journey like the ones our students embark on in the coming days. However, one of our groups from the Global Perspective class has used their waiting time to finish their posters for the 'More than meets the eye' project. The result has been very good, but they are by no means finished with the project yet. When we return from our cultural trips, the group is going to study the impact of the campaign. However, they are not the only group working on exciting projects. Some of the other students are taking the projects with them on their travels to learn more about other cultures' views on the particular issue they have chosen to look at. It is great to see how the students use the trips as opportunities to include some of their other subjects during the cultural studies trip. 

Come and try after-school life
In March we will hold the first RECamp and you are of course invited. If you or someone you know would like to try afterschool life, you have the opportunity to come for the weekend and talk to current and former students about their afterschool experiences. 

Have a great weekend. 

Greetings all of us at 
Ranum Efterskole College