Preparing and counting down to next week's culture trips

Dear reader,
The tension is rising here at Ranum. We are counting down to the imminent departure towards new cultures, friendships, exciting nature and amazing experiences. The cultural trips are only a week away and we can't wait any longer. However, this week has also been about more than preparing for the cultural trips. We have also participated in a Nordic championship and been busy with exciting school projects.

North Jutland championship in basketball
On Tuesday, our basketball players went to give the other participants a fight in the North Jutland championship. The team spirit was high and on the sidelines they cheered for Ranum victory.

Preparation for the cultural trips
The students have been busy putting the finishing touches to their trip out into the big wide world. At Ranum School, for example, they had a visit from our Nepal team, who were testing out the teaching that the pupils at our friendship school in Nepal will experience in a few days' time.

The Namibia team were proud to show how much money had been raised for their upcoming trip to the N/a'an ku sê reserve. N/a'an ku sê is an organisation that takes care of the local community; it is an animal reserve, it is a school for the youngest of the community and it is also a health clinic. Our students travel to offer their labor for the animal sanctuary and what an experience it will be.

If you would like to follow our travels, please visit Here you can see all our Facebook posts from the trips across cultural disciplines.

An exciting school project
In Global Perspective, part of our international programme, a small group of students are busy taking portraits of each other. The pictures will be turned into posters to hang around the school, highlighting how easy it is to create prejudices about others we don't even know. They want us to see reality rather than prejudice. The project is called 'More than meets the eye' and we look forward to seeing the finished result of an exciting and relevant project.

On weekends it'll be quiet. Many students have chosen to go home this last weekend before cultural trips. In addition, we are also at a fair during the weekend.

Next week the first students leave on cultural trips on Friday. For the rest of the weekend, Ranum's buses will shuttle between Ranum and the airports. This also means that suitcases have to be packed, packing lists checked and passports brought out of hiding.

Come and try after-school life
In March we will hold the first RECamp and you are of course invited. If you or someone you know would like to try afterschool life, you have the opportunity to come for the weekend and talk to current and former students about their afterschool experiences.

Have a great weekend!

Greetings all of us at
Ranum Efterskole College