Second last week - the big activity week

Dear reader,

There's something in the air. Something strange. Maybe it's the humidity, or maybe it's the local farmers dumping slurry in the fields again. If you've been to Ranum a few times, you know what we mean. 

In fact, what is infesting the air is probably the certainty that it will all be over soon. Last weekend. Last trip home. Last day of school. Last morning assembly. There are a lot of lasts coming up next week, and we're just channeling that. Last surf trip to Klitmøller, like the ones in the picture above.

As is tradition, the newsletter looks backwards rather than forwards in time. It does so today too. Although we can't get around the fact that it's now second last Friday, second last newsletter for this year.

Here is the newsletter. It's mostly about activities.

So much room for actitivities

We went to Pinewood Battlefield, which is a Vietnam-inspired hardball field. The two teams were challenged by tactics and technical acumen, and then some powder was burned. Maybe they even brought home a blue badge or two.

Fantastic ride!

The fencing team grabbed the trophies and gave it gas in the duels!

Check out what's hanging at the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg! A masterpiece.

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? Do you know someone who is going on the adventure? ?️

Then there is still the possibility to start this summer! We greatly appreciate when the word spreads and the posters are shared
- will you lend a hand in sharing the lookup?  

Events next week

As most of you know, next week is the last week at Ranum for the 17/18 team. There is outrouge, which offers a bit of everything. Some things are secret, so we'll only reveal the gala and graduation. The rest has to be experienced - and if you follow our channels, you'll probably find out all about it! 

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College