Explore the world, shape the school year, enjoy the sunshine ☀️

Dear reader,

This week follows a fantastic and unforgettable week of travel. We have met people and cultures around the world that have left significant imprints on our communities, and indeed on the personal and professional formation we as teachers and students engage in.

It's really unique to see how bonds are made before, during and after these trips. And it's incredibly energising to come home with your luggage and your head full of experiences to share with fellow travellers and those who have travelled elsewhere. That's why we ask students three times a year what they'd like to do in profile and culture subjects. That's why we test skills and experiences on trips. Often in deep water. That's why we explore the world. And why we shape the school year together.

The profile trip after the 3rd period is the final trip at Ranum. The great Ranum adventure, however, is not over yet. There are plenty of experiences and challenges hidden in the school year that still need to be overcome and explored before we can bring the school year to a close this summer. A few of them we write about here - the rest are waiting out there.

Welcome to the newsletter and enjoy reading 


As always, we've returned home with an ocean of travel photos and videos. We're happy to share them so you can follow where we are and what we're experiencing.

As always, it's all organised at www.udforskverden.dk.

Host of Frirumsdebat

The students were in place, and so were the two politicians. We got Christian Langballe (MP and DF) and Jens Kristian Lütken (Vice-President of the European Movement and V) will join us for a debate on the direction the EU should take - if it is to develop at all.

The topics were many and included the environment, consumer protection, cross-border crime and terrorism (Europol), climate, external borders - Schengen, refugee distribution, free trade agreements, defence cooperation and the Euro.

We welcomed the hottest day of the year

Sunny day(s) allowed to be outside. Something I think we've all been waiting for for months. While it may be a little too early to be singing along to "Summer and Sun" and anything with honeysuckle, I think we've snuck a bit of the good weather back from our travels. 

We've barbecued, made bonfires and snob bread, played soccer and roundball and enjoyed being outside.

Who doesn't love to grill? 

We have campfires here. And bare legs and red cheeks.
Swing for the fences!

News from the aquarium

To say that we are proud of our new, large aquariums, which are used in Marine Science, among other places, would be an understatement. We're thrilled!

The watercolours and colourful fish are in the biology room, and now they and the snake, iguanas and army of walking sticks (and so on) have been joined by a gem in the bunch. A baby shark! Real and born/hatched on their own property. It is studied closely and fed with shrimps - which it does not eat immediately, but they disappear over time, so I wonder if the little new friend eats in secret at night, when it is most active.

It's also hard to catch on camera because it likes to hide.

Events next week

Tomorrow, Saturday, we'll start preparing for the big day at 10am. Clara and Thor are getting married, as most of you know. And of course we have to celebrate. Some are making wedding cakes, others are setting the table (for just over 300 guests/pupils) - everyone is helping to make the day perfect. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram - we promise it'll be a party!

Next week already ends on Thursday, when we go on a prayer holiday. Many people will be attending confirmations, and of course congratulations are in order to all the confirmands and families who will be celebrating together this weekend. 

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College