Homecoming, photo & video competition and Christmas cheer

Dear reader,

We have had an eventful week with lots of small and big events. There was Home With on Wednesday, where students and contact group teachers had fun together. This is where small communities are cultivated and allowed to grow.

You can also read about the OSO, the PVA competition, a (staged) trial and the Christmas weekend just around the corner. Have fun from here.

Christmas-hygge Weekend

It's time to pull the Christmas boxes out of the attic. The whole weekend is PACKED with Christmas fun and activities around the school.

Home at

On Wednesday, students and teachers got to spend a little more time together. Or timandshånd. It made for some enormously enjoyable moments in the small groups and communities. There was bowling, baking, games, fun and lots more.

We have collected all the pictures in an album below

At home with

Trial in politics and society

"The nominees are ..."

The long-awaited Picture, Video and Article competition finally came to an end today. It took place at a small awards show during the common assembly, where a group of students took on the hosting roles. They presented the nominees, announced the winners and thanked the participants. Despite some sound problems at the beginning, the show went very well and ended with a big round of applause for the over-all winner Anne Mette. She won for the best performance with her film from Croatia. She told a good story with great clips, and that was what ultimately secured her the best of the best award. The best pictures were submitted by Marie Louise, who had been on a trip to Sweden with the adventure team. The winner of the video competition was Thomas with the great film from Portugal. Cian sent in the best article and it was about eSports.

We're running two more competitions where students can submit films, photos and articles with experiences and stories from the P2 and P3 trips. Of course, we encourage this so that we can get a lot of participants and stories from the pupils' travels. There is a lot about the competition on Facebook page for the PVA Competition.

Would you like to see all the participant videos? Easy, just click here. On the facebooks pages you can find the nominated pictures.

Events next week

The week ahead is Project Week, when students will write their Compulsory Self-Selected Assignments (OSO). In addition, the local and regional council elections are on Tuesday, which we will of course be following. And of course we have the Christmas weekend.

We wish everyone a very good weekend.

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College