Back to school and visits from around the world

Dear reader,

After a lovely autumn break, the school is back to normal. We round off the week with a newsletter that reflects a week of victory and joy, festive excitement and anticipation, but also sadness and sorrow - the memory of a final goodbye and the loss of a significant king.

Back from autumn holidays 


Visit from our friendship school in Nepal

Visit of Principal Mr. Bishnu and English teacher Ms. Binda

Watch video from visit to the Friendship School 

Researchers from Aalborg University visit Copenhagen

The visit of the two researchers from Aalborg University in Copenhagen was based on a desire to map which inter-curricular competences are at play in the school. Some pupils were needed to help with this. So what did it involve? Listen below to what they had to say:

"What's important is that it's voluntary participation and then maybe topics like cultural encounters etc. interest them. They will get a short training in interviewing techniques and they will work out the interview guide together with us, from which they will interview each other. Their interviews will be used as empirical evidence in the research project, so as such this is a unique opportunity for students to help strengthen their voice in relation to the work on intercultural competences in afterschools. We also need to obtain parental permission to use co-researcher students' statements in the project. They will of course be completely anonymised."

The kitchen works its magic with seafood

Oh, Gunnar!

That's not so bad.

Commemoration of Thailand's late king

It's a year since the longest-serving king in history passed away. All the Thai students, and also students from the culture class on Thailand, helped to mark the commemoration of the funeral. They visited a temple near Aalborg, where they also learned about Thai traditions and food cultures.

? The girls' football adventure went all the way to the final! ?

It was truly a memorable after-school day when Ranum's girls' football team played the final round of the North Jutland Championships in Thisted. Some very well behaved Ranum girls dished up great scores, fighting spirit and the absolute best team performance REC has yet achieved among North Jutland's other afterschools. In the semi-final, the Ranumpigerne totally controlled events and were ahead 2-0 after only four minutes against a cheering team from Himmerlandscenterets Idrætsefterskole - who had taken the ball out of their own net four times after the final whistle. The result was 4-1 to Ranum.

In the final, a mud bath awaited and the opponents - a particularly strong girls' team from the Hanherred football line.

In an even - and by all accounts well-played - match, where there were plenty of chances for both sides, the Ranum girls eventually had to admit defeat by 2-0 on a fortuitous clumsy goal midway through the second half and a subsequent counter-goal in the dying minutes of the match, when the heroically fighting Ranum girls had put in the last efforts of the day for an otherwise very deserved equaliser.

When the smoke had cleared, a bunch of super-happy (and tired) girls, and the satisfied coaching staff, could look themselves in the eye knowing that it had been a great day and an admirable highlight in REC's football history.

Indonesian visit in cooperation with AFS

In October, we have had visits from four Indonesian girls and one Indian girl as part of our collaboration with AFS. The girls participated in school activities and went on field trips in the Danish autumn landscape. Today they made Halloween pumpkins and had their last dance lesson. It ended with a traditional song sung by Indonesian Shiva. We say thank you for the visit and the song 🙂

Lecture with Niarn - now Niels Roos

Rapper, writer, (former) radio host and lecturer - now also at Ranum. Niels Roos has many titles. Perhaps that has something to do with his vast life experience, which we were privy to on Tuesday. Exciting, compassionate and brutally honest from a man who clearly has a lot on his mind.

UV paint and student party

The expectations are many, the experiences are several. Thursday night was all about creativity and getting students ready for their student party. There was fun and room for small communities.

And if you haven't already guessed the theme, it's rave. But what is rave? According to it is "An organized underground party involving music and dancing." Festive, that's what it's going to be.

Tomorrow is the reunion day 14-17

We'll reminisce about afterschool, sing, and get together within our grade and across grades.

It is up to your own year group to organise a Reunion Party in the evening if you wish.

Events next week

Looking ahead to next week, we can see sibling weekends and parent-teacher conferences. And then there's Halloween. Monday we'll make pumpkin lanterns and Tuesday we'll turn the school into one big spooky, infected Halloween scene. Horror movies are shown and ghost stories are told around the houses. It's going to be (un)cosy. 

We wish everyone a very good weekend.

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College