Bridge building, harvest festival and professional days at REC

Dear reader,

The family weekend and Vilsted Lake Run was a great success. The weather was with us and both students, families and guests were in activity from Friday to Saturday evening. This week the 10th grade class has been on bridge building in Års, Aalborg, Viborg, Fjerritslev and Klitmøller, as well as in Sweden. The pupils in Year 9 and the foreign pupils have been busy with academic theme days, which have provided time and space for creative projects and academic immersion. The bridge-building week ended with a theme day on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on business and education. The community highlight of the week was the harvest party with lots of activity, great costumes and a lovely themed dinner.

Family weekend

More than 350 parents and siblings moved into the students' rooms on Friday afternoon, setting up caravans and tents throughout the school. After dinner there was a community assembly followed by Nepal bingo and activities around the school. The evening ended with a Parents' Café, where parents enjoyed a lovely Tapas table and networked with each other. On Saturday morning, another 700 parents, siblings and grandparents arrived for the assembly.

Vilsted SøLøbet

The first start for the ½ marathon was a little before the big common warm-up, and then followed the big starts for 13.1 and 5.3 km. The walk around Vilsted Lake and especially the long beautiful wooden bridge was a very special nature experience for the participants in the clear September weather. After the prize-giving ceremonies, parents, siblings and pupils were given information about the forthcoming elections for the next period's cultural subjects and profile subjects activities.

Diving in Rønbjerg had parents taking deep breaths and trying to dive with bottles. The weather was in favour of the sailors and many took to the water for the first time. The pupils have gained more experience and steered well in and out of the harbour. Gastronomy had a visit from our former head chef Lars Jeppesen, who was responsible for a fantastic Grill School with seasonal mushrooms, vegetables and delicious beef from Himmerland. Dance brought back memories of Saturday Night Fever and made a great performance.

Harvest Festival

In Ranum we celebrate the harvest and mark the change of season to autumn. The Guide and Event team was responsible for organising the party and set up with rodeo bulls, horseshoe throwing, line dancing and real old-fashioned straw bales. It's a great experience, especially if you come from a big city or abroad.
Harvest party group photos

Harvest Festival 17/18

Workshop for 10th graders on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

On Friday, all 10th graders had a workshop focusing on careers and education. It was based on the 17 SDGs and worked in several different groups, but quiz, kahoot and true/false exercises.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Extended weekend

In the coming week, there will be no classes on Mondays until 18.00, when students who have been back home will return.
The selection for cultural subjects will be finalised on Sunday and published on Tuesday in the assembly. So far, 98% of all students have chosen and those who wrote that they did not get first priority on have had their wish granted.

Lecture on bullying - are we good enough as we are?

On Tuesday at 14.40 there is a lecture with Anders Kofoed Pedersen from TravelApe, he is fantastic at focusing on how we overcome ourselves, increase our self-esteem and build a unique community.
On Wednesday we gather for singing and on Thursday we introduce the upcoming electives for the 2nd period.

Next weekend

Saturday is profile subject day and on Sunday we organise Efterskolernes dag with Open House from 10-17.
Invite friends, neighbours and colleagues to the International Breakfast Buffet and Lunch, as well as a guided tour and presentations by students and staff! We look forward to seeing you.

We wish everyone a very good weekend.
Greetings all of us at
Ranum Efterskole College