A beautiful start to a new school year!

Dear reader,

The 2017 school year has got off to a good start, with the 14th team of students numbering a whopping 455 young people from 19 different countries. The introduction has shown that the students want each other and that they are also ready to throw themselves into after-school life.

We have played, danced and sung our way to greater security and at the beginning of the week the students have been on a tour of the school, in the city and on Wednesday everyone was in the local area to Rønbjerg and Løgstør.

The teaching of academic subjects started on Wednesday with clear tests for students to find their appropriate academic level in the subjects.

On Thursday we started profile classes and today, Friday, in addition to academic classes, there is a prelude to the first party of the year.

The colour festival is a tradition where we celebrate diversity and kick-start a community.

Student Focus: "A great week - way beyond expectations"

Matilda, Emilie and Lasse started like all our other students on Sunday. They tell us about a super cool week - beyond all expectations. It has also been long, and they have been ready to sleep the moment they hit the pillow. It has been great to see Ranum and the area - but also a bit hard to walk back and forth. They also say that it is actually nice not to have the mobile phones now that they are getting to know each other - but they are also looking forward to adding each other on snapchat 😉

Introuge with a focus on community and new friendships

Then came the long-awaited first day of school. 457 pupils and their families were ready at 2pm with full kits and expectant faces. Everyone was checked in, given school clothes, met new friends, reunited with the contact groups - all in bright sunshine and good spirits! 

2000 people for the welcome

Get to know each other through song, dance and play

We've all been out on the big football pitch this evening, getting to know each other through fun games and singing. It was also time for their first sleepover in their new rooms with other students who may become their friends for life.

First community gathering

The week has been a big jumble of "Firsts" This time it was the first community gathering with good atmosphere and music.

Safety first! School-wide fire drill

Everyone needs to know what the procedure is if a fire were to occur. It was done in an orderly fashion - although a couple of students didn't quite get the trick of going outside (and were therefore picked up by Matt)

First joint photo

It can be a challenge to get so many pupils and teachers together in a common image. Fortunately, we succeeded - with only a few hands hidden. See the result here:

Tour de Near

In order for the students to get to know the local area better, they have been on a Tour de Nærområde in Rønbjerg and Løgstør. You can see the nice pictures from the day here.

AFS short course students have arrived

On Thursday evening, the first team of 22 students on the AFS Monthly programme moved into their rooms, creating even more life and international atmosphere. The team has been in Copenhagen for 5 days and will spend the next 3 weeks following after-school life at Ranum.

This weekend we will have the House cup On Saturday and Sunday, the pupils will go through this year's swimming test so that they can participate in water sports activities and swimming on the many trips and activities at sea. The students have been working for 7 days now and despite a high level of activity, there is good energy and a lot of smiles. We are all looking forward to a fantastic 1TP5Year.

The coming week will see a normal schedule of academic subjects, profile subjects and then on Thursday afternoon the students will get their mobile phones back before heading home for a well-deserved long weekend.

Have a great weekend!

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College