Success on the profile trips and strong communities

Dear reader,

Music team at the top in Wales

Welcome home, see all the pictures here!

The first travel week of the school year is coming to an end, for this time. New impressions, friends and experiences have been brought home to be processed. We have travelled far and wide on this first profile trip of the school year, and the pupils have brought back very different experiences. The gastronomy students have experienced gastronomy of the highest order, including tasting fermented delicacies. The adventure team has been on a beach and nature trip deep in a forest, close to lake and game. The diving team completed their Padi certificates and went underwater to see the world most only see on TV, while the sailors went deep sea in Croatia. The last to leave were the riding team, who have experienced Læsø on Icelandic back, and the first to return were the guide and event from Rome. The trips have gone without any serious incidents and although there have been a few unfortunate educational incidents, the camaraderie and trust across students and teachers has become even stronger. The diversity that the students have experienced on the trips means that they have their own stories to share with each other, making the community stronger.



Practical diving classes in the pool & sea

Fit for Fight


Guide & Event




Horseback riding


Street Performance

Visual Design

Water Performance

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In the coming week

Over the weekend, all students will be back together and we look forward to hearing about the many experiences and adventures of all teachers and students on their travels. We will of course use the profile lessons to round off the first term and reflect on the many experiences and impressions in various presentations, videos etc.

Next week, students will also have to complete their choice of new Tuesday subjects. Before the autumn break catches up with us, we also need to have our rooms autumn cleaned and it is a good idea to take some of the summer clothes so that there is more space in the room.

It's also a good idea to put your bike in the bike cellar or take it home with you so it doesn't rust over the winter. We are really looking forward to a great week and to seeing the students again in week 43. 

Next week I'm on a friendship school trip in China, so Vice Principal Joakim Philipsen is at the helm. 

Have a great weekend

Olav Storm Johannsen