Beatles concert, SKILLS and new cultural subjects

Dear reader,

August ended with a blast of a water sports weekend, which unfortunately ended in thunder and lightning on Sunday. The week has offered lots of book learning and we have started a new bridge building project.

The music team has given a Beatles concert and we have a new friendship school in the USA. This weekend is Friends Weekend with over 200 friends visiting the students.

On Saturday there is activity and in the evening there is roast suckling pig and a cosy atmosphere. The following weekend is the Family Weekend and the Vilsted Lake Run, and registration is still open.

Students ready for SkillsDanmark.

Beatles concert with the music team

The atmosphere was great and at one point 300 mobiles lit up the ballroom in a sea of rhythmic light to Imagine.

Love from the grandparents

Katrine H. received a fantastic birthday bouquet and a chocolate heart from her grandparents.

SkillsDanmark, live vocational guidance.

Last Thursday we had a visit from Skills Denmark. What is Skills Denmark? In short, it is live guidance in vocational education and training in Denmark. The students were allowed to try their hand at various crafts, such as laying tiles, carpentry, electrician, and setting up groceries. 

There was full concentration and fierce competition between the teams. Not everyone hit the nails equally, but spirits were high.

Streetperformance ready for Barcelona

Streetperformance, in collaboration with the school's longboard carpenter, has prepared all the longboards for their expedition to Barcelona. Everything is lined up and the students are practicing to the max.

New friendship school in New York.

Int. department head Matt Danaher has been in the US to visit The Harvey School, an American High School located just an hour north of NY City. We have entered into a formal friendship school partnership, and expect to visit the school on our USA East Coast Roadtrip in January. We expect approximately 15 students and teachers from The Harvey School to visit Ranum in March.

The Wishing Tree - "I wish I wasn't from Randers"

The Italians helped set up two Wish Trees as a parting gift. The trees are inspired by Yoko Uno's projectand students can write notes with dreams and wishes on the tree. 

"I want a peaceful world with equality." - "I hope I will change something"

New profile newspaper ready

Read our new newspaper with an overview of the different offers on cultural subjects, profile subjects, etc. The newspaper has been created in collaboration between students from last year and this year. All students are featured in the newspaper, either as a pixel in the big common picture or with a story from afterschool life. The newspaper is published with Nordjyske and is also distributed by parents and former or to their workplaces and schools. Send an email to info(a) if you would like us to send you some copies to distribute. Thank you.

In the coming week there is again bridge building for all 10th grade students and then there is Friday to Saturday family day, and Vilsted Sø Løb. 
You can still register for the weekend and the race via the School Plan. There can be up to 8 participants per student and we have sponsored the entry fee. 
The students are really good at being active and we enjoy the community and after school life. It is incomprehensible from our school that Lars Løkke can think of cutting an afterschool stay down to 41 weeks. It should last a whole year!

Have you seen our new presentation video?

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Olav Storm Johannsen