The first 14 days have gone great

Dear reader,

Thankfully, summer returned and brought renewed energy to the Intro weeks. The students were in full swing at the weekend's Colour Festival, Kt. group race, REC Olympics and swimming test. The Intro period has created a really good community and although it is very exhausting for many pupils to be involved in such an intense programme, there are smiles and good vibes throughout the school.

Duration of the school

The majority of the school's pupils took part in the first school race. And we'll do it again at the end of the school year. It will be interesting to see if the times improve and if the places are moved around. It may create more motivation for morning exercise and activity that there is also a goal ahead.

Fastest contact group:

1. ktg 37 -> 30:42,37

2. ktg 15 -> 31:05,64

2. ktg 03 -> 31:13,04

Fastest boy

1. 4:20.19 - Gabriel (508)

2. 4:22.73 - Johan (11)

3. 4:24.23 – (14)

Fastest girl

1. 5:25.16 - Sofie (284)

2. 6:06.56 - Lærke (185)

3. 6:47.37 - Francesca (613)

Open house at Ranum Asylum Centre.

On Saturday, a group of more than 100 students had the opportunity to visit Ranum Asylum Centre, where they met refugees of all ages from most of the world's hotspots. They were offered all kinds of delicious tastings and were given a guided tour so they could experience how the refugees live at the centre. There were also performances and singing, and the students returned to efterskolen richer in diversity and impressions of a world far removed from the sheltered life of efterskole.

Swimming test

On Sunday, the students had to take part in a 300-metre saltwater swimming test. The test took place in Rønbjerg and although the sun was shining, the wind was blowing freshly over the waters of the Limfjord and it was a challenge especially for our Asian students to complete the test.About 90 % of all students passed and the remaining can take it in the coming weeks in their profile subjects. The test shows if the student can participate in water sports activities and swimming with the afterschool, especially on the trips.

Professionally, we have made a good start

Professionally, we have made a good start and there has been little confusion about where the rooms are and how to read the form. During this week all pupils have been graded at 4 levels in all subjects and there are now well over 430 individual timetables. Pupils can move level in one subject without it changing their level split in other subjects as those subjects are located at the same time. This is quite unique and only possible with the size and academic diversity of Ranum Efterskole College.

In the assemblies we have sung, talked about afterschool life, and announced the next events. In the following weekends, students can sign up for a Water Sports Weekend, a Friends Weekend, and then there is the big Vilsted Lake race, which will be held during the Family Weekend on September 9-10. All registrations are done through the School Plan.
In the Thursday session we judged the best contact group photos and the winner was:

Vilsted Sø Løbet 2016 is a very big and nice event that the school supports and therefore we invite all students and family members to participate in the race for free. There are different races and it is also possible to walk the beautiful walk over the wooden bridge and along the lake. All participants will receive a unique Vilsted Lake Run medal and there will be refreshments for everyone. See the programme on the School Map and register as soon as possible!

Profile subjects

The profile subjects are in full swing and have been trying out a lot of new things. Only a few students have changed profile subjects and the opportunity for this ends on Monday at lunchtime. After that, the teams and the last flights and destinations are booked. Then it's time to practice and learn before we head out into the world on 1 October.

Profile subject Gastronomy
Profile subject Music with Carl.
Profile subject Waterperformance / Wakeboard.
Profile subject Dance

Mobile again

Today the students were given their mobile phones by the contact teachers and naturally messages were checked and pictures taken again. There is a before and an after for students getting their mobiles, and many will miss the first weeks when there was more eye contact and dialogue. But the mobile is also an important part of the school's daily life and communication, as all timetables and information are sent via Schoolplan to each student's mobile. Over the next few months, students will practice carrying their mobiles in their pockets for lessons, assemblies and in the dining hall. Alternatively, it will have a break for a few days in the school office. See before and after pictures below:




Postcards to the world

Over the weekend and during the week, students wrote postcards to family, friends and peers around the world. We have donated the postage and the cards are motifs from Ranum. The postcards can now arouse joy and curiosity, and perhaps the pupil will receive a greeting back in the form of a real letter or a lovely parcel.

The first extended weekend has just started and 5 buses went to Hobro, Viborg, Padborg and Aalborg Airport. There were some teething challenges and not all parents had caught on to the fact that arranging home transport is an on-the-way-to-adulthood challenge, so the phones were busy too. But everyone got off and hopefully home at the agreed time and place. The buses return according to the schedule handed out at the start of school and posted on the School Schedule to parents and students. No more registrations or phone calls can be made. buses at the weekend.

Voluntary parent council meeting

Sunday evening there is a meeting of the volunteer parent committee at 18:00. and parents who want to participate can send an email to before Friday at 12:00. There will be a meal for the participants and accompanying student. A parent from last year's parent committee will open the meeting and guide new parents in the process of organising some fantastic and safe student parties for the many young people.

Events next week

In the coming week, in addition to book classes, club classes will also start in the evening. Monday is room karma, where the students have fun in their rooms and agree on how to make the room work best, as well as getting really cosy. Many probably bring some decorations and posters etc. after the weekend.

EXTRA: Watch our new afterschool video

Watch our new 6-minute after-school video, which shows the school, its activities, the location and the teachers and students (last year).

As always, you can see more pictures from the new afterschool team but also previous teams, on our flickr page.

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Olav Storm Johannsen